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Another day, and another event showing that we live in a dangerous world. And no, this is not a natural event, it was a planned attack carried out to do damage and kill  people and property.

And yes, it so happened on a date of significance, the Boston Marathon is held on Patriot's Day, a public holiday in Massachusetts that celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord and the beginning of the American Revolution and, of course, it is, today, the day that we must file our taxes.

As to what happened, how it happened and by whom, we are still learning. As has happened in the past, as an ongoing news event some of what is reported is in error and speculation that does not pan out, is misleading and subject to change. What did happen is at least two people were killed in Boston, many were injured with a nation put on alarm and alert.

We can assume terrorism  We can assume that it was a dedicated individual, individuals that are involved, whose motives we cannot accept as being reasonable and justified. We can also assume that some sort of reaction will be required to bring justice to those involved and stop any further acts in the future.

What we can also assume is our security and sense of security is once again under attack and as such, the point of what has happen, that we are not as secure as we would like, we are not safe as safe as we would like, but we are and can be confident and capable of defending ourselves and our country to deal with threats both foreign and domestic.

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I'm a Baptist and should get a metal for putting up with liberals. They are a strange bunch.

You should at least get a spelling dictionary.

And I'm not surprised that you defend the Westboro rat bastards. You seem to be cut from the same mangy cloth.

QUOTE..." should get a metal for putting up with liberals"

I'll even skip the metal spelling, but are you kidding me??

Number one, Why the hell should you get a medal for "putting up" with at least half of the American public??? If ya don't like it here, go somewhere else!

Number two, When have you EVER put up with liberals? All you do is bitch and moan about liberals. 

Number three, strange bunch? Another blanket bull crap generality to define Americans that you don't like. 

I should just sit back and let you rip me about  Westboro,

Just like friggin liberals.

I don't support them in any way.

I do love George Wallace though.

Call me a racist and I love it.

Christ on a bike, darroll - You really are completely blind to your own hypocrisy, aren't you ? It's either that, or you wallow in it like a hog in mud.


You sit there, spewing "Lousy liberals THIS" and "Stinking liberals THAT" - Yet when we get fed up and fight back, you shake your head and sigh, "Damn LIBERALS". JUST like that prick Steve Macon - You pick a fight, and then bitch and moan that you're being picked on.  Do you idiots EVER get tired of pretending that you're an oppressed minority, or does it just feel too good to let go of ?

Learn this, darroll: Your holier-than-thou, "We-Are-The-Chosen-People-Not You-Dirty-Gays-Or-Women-Or-Minorities-Or-Middle-Class-Trash", self-pitying  horseshit is why you dolts lost the last two elections - NOT because Obama "bought votes" with "free cell phones" or welfare queens stole the election with voter fraud or any of the other million-and-one excuses you clowns tell yourselves. You're FACTUALLY IGNORANT, PROUDLY TWO-FACED ASSHOLES, and you constantly go out of your way to smear your assholishness on every TV channel, radio station and website that you can get your hands on - And then wonder why the majority of Americans don't like you, and don't want you running the country.

And one of the biggest factors in your assholishness, possibly the one you cherish and congratulate yourselves for the most, is your beloved fantasy that you're good, smart, savvy, decent, tolerant folks, whom a cruel and evil world is out to get. When the actual truth is that you're angry, dim-witted dinosaurs, plodding along with your limited, self-serving view of reality, and too arrogant and stupid to even realize that change is INEVITABLE - Or that if you can't keep up and adapt, you will be left to die, even while you snarl and bite at those of us who tried to drag you out of the tar pits you proudly blundered into.


Which is funny, considering how it proves the idea of evolution, which you all try and ignore or reject. But, irony is never one of your strong suits....

Quote from darrol...Call me a racist and I love it.

Hmmmm...Looks like a pigeon strutting around acting like it's victorious. 

The war was a knee jerk reaction that was maybe planned to bankrupt us. 9/11 was aimed at our economy too. One cell comprised of 18 Saudis started an entire war in Iraq. My comments about the war that I made at that time were that we couldn't afford to police the entire planet.

The next thing people can say is that it is over.  It isn't over and how it will ever be over is a question that doesn't seem to have any answer.

The president said that "this chapter is over" and in that he is most definitely right.  What happens next is going to be an arraignment in federal courts, then a trial and probably as an intense coverage by the media as any event since the Timothy McVeigh prosecution which ended in the implementation of the death penalty.

What happens next is another struggle to understand, to have a reason or reasons for what was done.  The why is going to be hard to understand on a number of levels, but, the point has to be made whatever the motivation(s), it happened.  

As to whether it can happen again, of course it can and will.  As to how the American public will deal with the consequences, comedian and HBO pundit, Bill Maher, has been reported to state on his show that we are grown up since 9/11, that we are more "stoic" and that the Boston Marathon terrorists didn't have the "balls" of those that perpetrated the 9/11 attacked as to death and destruction.  Maybe, but for those that were killed and injured that is not a relevant point, nor is it to those that live in Boston and the greater Boston area that applauded in the streets police, firemen and other first responders. 

What started my comment on the Boston tragedy was that security was asleep at the switch. I can just see the rent a cops trying to score on a great joint and not doing their job.
It turned into an argument about evolution (which I believe in). A racist, a picture or whatever.
I never said anything bad about Obama. He was the best candidate and he won. I do not like the way the majority is running this country, all they seemed interested in is dope, marriage, racist, guns, wall street, blame and civil rights. We have problems with the economy and no-one seems interested in fixing it. Jobs are leaving this country by the thousands and they still demonize CEO’s , Businesses and successful people.. Anytime someone open(s) their mouth offering a suggestion, they are accused of trying to hurt someone’s feelings or racist. I have no confidence in this bunch fixing anything. They are too busy caving into special interest groups. (The American People)
Our/your number one priority seems to be legalizing pot. Isn’t this going to look good to the rest of the world. The US is getting to be known as a stoned bunch of crack pots (pun intended). Our enemies love this.

Way far above and beyond our enemies LOVE watching us at each others throats, the congressional gridlock, Americans hating other Americans for their God given right to vote the way they see fit. The rich with an exit strategy for leaving the country if the poor don't want to be treated like third class citizens.

Legalize pot already, it's minor compared to the bs we do to ourselves and it's been proven to contain a compound that does in fact help with cancer. Although that particular compound has no ability to get anyone high.




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