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the first Christmas card. Have you started sending them yet? Do you think this is a thing of the past with computers, or is this a tradition that goes on with your friends and family? I send maybe 15 to very close family. My sister sends to everyone, it is over 100. Watcha think!!!!HO HO HO

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that is so nice, Trr.
I used to send them out to all my friends but over the years I'd receive fewer and fewer, so I just quit sending them a couple of years ago. I know I'll get at least two, from my dentist and financial planner.
SG--you have a financial planner?--we Are looking at MR big bucks here.
What about your insurance agent? We always get one from him and also birthday cards. Cracks me up.
I still send them because I always liked to get them. If you would like to send me one PM me and I will send you my address.
I still send cards to my friends/family and the list gets shorter and shorter. They seem to die off.
My cyber friends get a homemade card (computer generated) that I E-mail.
My kids get a card also with no money in it. I paid all their bills for twenty years, now they are on their own. Time to grow up, Little Darlins
I don't know how you find the "right" card. I don't like trying to find a birthday or christmas card. You have to look through so many super lame ones but if I find a good one I'll snatch up several of them. I do this with birthday cards, too. I have four older sisters so when I find a good one to tease them of their age, I'll get four and use them when the time arrives. They love me. haha.




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