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Is your life an exclamation point, a question mark, or a period?

Feel free to answer this anyway you please?


Are you an exclamation point, a question mark or a period person in life?




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My, life! is' just. like; my? writing: I ( never& Know" WHAT\is } coming+ next:  
My days are often an ellipsis or a dash, waiting for an afterthought in motion, (very often followed by a question mark).

Interesting responses everyone.   =-)


Any one for accent, bracket, asterisk, hyphen, colon, semi-colon, parenthesis, apostrophe, dash, (no punctuation), etc.

Nathan Hale was an asterix, and he felt bad about it.

That's because Gilligan was the five pointed star.


my life with ducatiman...

where do you find them ducatimans?


hahaha.... well, I only have one, Aggie, and I found him playing Word Games on our original TBD. '-)
I would settle for just a good prune kolache right now.
Is "prune kolache" code for something.......???
Period......question mark...... and now exclamation point!!!!     :-)




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