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I thought there was a help room around here? Did someone rearrange the funiture?

And speaking of rearranging . . .

I used to be able to comment to comments within a given thread in IE or in Google Chrome - but not any more, no-no. Only in Mozilla, and then only SOMETIMES.

WTF? I say, wtf?

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Uh, you just click on the 'reply to this' that is right above this note I am writing now, and right below Dottie's note. Then click on Add reply.

If you don't belong to the group you can't leave a comment. Just click on join and then you can leave a comment or a discussion or reply to a discussion.

Is that what you were asking about?

Sandra, I didn't see you take that photo! When did you come by my house?
What The Frig?
This could get ugly.

Hehehey Sandra congratulations you've captured a scientific moment on film. That there is a four legged creature "evolving" into a two legged creature. Poor thing hasn't lost it's hair though....
A truck cab weathervane...?
And again "WTF" !!!!!
I know what it is, I know what it is, I know what it is.....
It's, it's, a truck museum in Alberta...(smug smile while he pops handfuls of blue M&M's into his mouth.)
No I don't know. There doesn't appear to be a parking problem in that area.

Please enlighten me darling Wendy.
That is a piece of art.

And this is a demonstration of what happens when I click reply to this post by stillgoing - I get defaulted back up top so that my comment becomes a new one, rather than a response to an individual who previously posted.

Do ya get me? Huh, huh, do ya, punk!

; P

oooooh Wendy you're bad....LOL
umm, feisty indeed. And quite possibly, in deep deep do do

keep it up missy!

; P





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