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Insomniac greetings from the UK in the wee small hours

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Greetings from Eastern USA. 10:20pm and good night.
Thank you Larry from a wide awake lol
Hello Darby from 9:05 p.m. Mountain Time U.S.A. I think I am mountain time..there are mountains here LOL!!
thank you J Lee for your message in the wee small hours
Yanni...John Tesh...The Weather Channel....First 20 minutes of Fantasia. How to macrame 101 ?
thank you Bonniie for your greeting i did not get to sleep till 6.00am this morning now i'm up and about at 10.30 am
p.s dont like warm milk ha ha speak later
I am so pleased Insomniac Greetings taken off now we can all not sleep together wow, one big pyjama
party lol we can play games like hide the sheep so we cant count them, drink endless coffee to stay awake the possibilties are endless
Hide the sheep? Never heard of it.

Where in the UK? I went to Scotland twice.

Don't have trouble sleeping myself.
HI Searain I live in Yorkshire in the UK north west England




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