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I'm going to bed now.

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Wow! You had to go way back to dig up Chez and Sme. Sure do miss them. Have no idea what I wanted to try later. Probably something to do with food, sex, or philosophy. Although it could have been a new brand of beer.

It's all the same.

I disagree DannyO, A trying new beer is much more important than philosophy.

I am going to try  later to do the Total Gym.

Beth, You still catching crabs?

I'm going to regret not doing it later on.


I'm still trying.

crab season is over, now is leaf raking season.

I will try to rake some later when the wind dies down.

It's 25 minutes later and I wish I hadn't done it.

I was gonna try earlier, but decided I'd follow Robbie's lead, and try later.

I'm trying now and I'll probably try again later.

if at first you don't suck-a-seed keep on sucken.




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