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Fox News’s Chris Wallace challenged House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and the GOP-controlled House for failing to pass key appropriations before the government runs out of money in September, demanding to know why the party is wasting time holding its 40 Obamacare repeal vote and pursuing other highly partisan partisan measures.

“Rightly or wrongly, none of the bills you passed is going to become law,” Wallace told Cantor on Fox News Sunday. “You have only passed four of 12 appropriations bills you are supposed to pass. We face a government shut down in the fall. Is this the best time to spend your time, passing bills that won’t become law?”

Cantor responded by accusing President Obama of delivering campaign speeches and failing to consider measures the House has already voted on. But Wallace wouldn’t hear it, reminding Cantor that the GOP couldn’t advance a comprehensive Farm Bill and had to pull a transportation funding measure after moderate House Republicans balked at its deep cuts. “Why not do what the House is supposed to do?”

This isn't science.

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Actually, this is real easy, posturing is the purpose and 2014 is the reason.  

As to actually governing, what's the point, if it doesn't get you reelected.  The real problems and solutions to most of what we face are economic, legal, social and cultural of which congress, the presidency and courts represent only a part of what makes America work.  

If there is any solution to our common problems, it is we the people that are going to make it, sooner or later.

"... you can depend on Americans to do the right thing when they have exhausted every other possibility." -- unattributed

Perhaps the point could be, whatever is good for the country.

The Republicans seem more interested in taking over the country, not governing it.

I don't think a religious-fascist government is good for any country.




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