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Why would you want to live anywhere else? You Yankees just don't know what you are missing.

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what is candied yam?

My dad made french fried yam when we were kids. That was before it became popular.
bumping nancy off the front page
It's April? Maybe I forgot to reset my watch for daylight savings time?
Good God! I love this place. I love my neighbors.
This will need a little set up.
The man speaking is Mr. Donald Hudson the nephew of Mr. Israel Pope (deceased), both of Pickens County, Alabama.
Unc' Issey' died a few months ago and wasn't found for several days. Mr. Hudsons dogs found him first and found Issey to be quite tasty. The authorities wanted to put down the dogs. This is Donald from a TV interview, defending his puppys menu.

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I'm scared.
Update on Antoine. Moving out of the projects.
How the people in the south make twins.

My all time favorite wrassler The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.




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