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I was at the old TBD and I was reading a discussion about how we all need to delete our information on our profiles...so that information isnt floating around in cyber space after TBD shuts down...the person who put up the discussion suggested going to 'edit profile' , delete your information and replace the information with stars, or numbers, or letters,,,or any combination...so I did that...but dummy me...I changed my email and password on there too without thinking and didnt write it down...now I cant get back in at the old TBD...I guess I can rejoin...I am hoping I can do that .

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ZenDog, I am interested in your comment that our society 'just has way too many secrets' - a friend and I were talking about that just the other day.

We both have master's degrees, are successful in our fields, and able to hold a conversation in society. Yet when we ask someone a question, maybe even a simple question, we are faced with an 'I know but cannot tell you' type of answer.

Knowledge is power, withholding knowledge, even if it is not important knowledge, puts the withholder in a superior position.

So I have to agree with you 100%.
withholding knowledge, even if it is not important knowledge, puts the withholder in a superior position.
I don't think so. It puts the withholder in an isolated position. I get disgusted with people that do that. Such people have no value in my book. To share knowledge is to bring light. This is my approach.
Oh thank God!! This time it wasn't me!!!

I get to do the dumb things like when I had the newest car I'd ever owned (it was a year old previous rental car), I managed to lock my keyring in the car. And the front door was locked. And all the house windows were locked...At least I had a phone.

The boss sent one of the guys over and we managed to break into my car, but it took two hours. Cop comes by and he couldn't open it with his thing-a-ma-jig. It was a '92 Sentra in '93, and we finally managed to get a real heavy duty piece of wire and lasso the lock latch in the door handle after forcing it between the door and roof.... Had to get that wire bent to just the right angle. Talk about feeling stupid.

Oh damn...Now that I started talking about that car, I've remembered a very strange story I have to take over to the spooky place thread....
My sister has your story beat...by a long shot...you wont feel bad after you hear about what she did...
She called my son to come and help her...because she had locked her keys in the car...and my son was mad because it was like the third time that week that she had done that...and she always called during dinner or some other inconvienient time...and she always calls from some out of the way place, way out in the middle of nowhere...and thank God she has a cell phone...
Well, this particular day my son was taking his good old time responding...he finished eating his dinner and just farted around for a while...rationalizing that she had done this already a few times that week ...and he was going to make her wait...well she kept calling and asking where he was at...sounding very frantic (it was broad daylight) and I kept asking my son to go help her...and he was mad and was going to make her wait...and it is a good thing he did...because she called after waiting for a half an hour for my son to show up...she called and said she didnt need him...because she had gotten the keys out of the car by herself...and I asked her if she had broken the window to get in ...and she said...no, the front passenger door was unlocked so I went in that way...
after I hung up from her conversation I was ROFLMAO...and my son didnt think it was funny...he grumbled and growled about it. ( and , yes she is a blonde).
I think this beats my brother locking his keys in his car.....in the pouring rain....with the motor running.
The thing is I didnt have any kind of information that would be of any use to anyone. I just assumed that the person knew what they were talking about and I didnt. Now I feel like Henny Penny. Oh, Lord...shoot me now.
I meant another kind of research - as in background. We had had a conversation elsewhere? My expectation is that old cases were being looked at from a different angle maybe - could easily be wrong. During that process it may have been convenient to have your online activity briefly interupted.

And I am just guessing.
I know what you are talking about ZenDog...and I think they SHOULD look at that from a different angle...they should have a long time ago...I would welcome 'research' or 'investigation'...I am not worried...I havent done anything wrong. I would be glad to see someone doing SOMETHING about that issue...I am more than just angry that they havent so far...I am infuriated...
...what happened to 'liberty and JUSTICE for ALL' ...yea...that's a paper right...it only exists on paper...try to collect on that promise...hmmm...what a joke! *&%$#@**&^%$##@***&&^%$#@*&^%$#!!!
may all the "dumb" things you do have such benign consequences (golly I miss 'spell check')...};->
That's nothing !!
I created a software worm and uploaded it to TBD. It converted everything I wrote to Spahnig'lish and now people will think I am a lil'gremlin named Arky and a Texacan !!
"Donde esta Senor Arky????"
It doesn't matter now. The old tbd is gone and all your information is now here.




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