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“A place to give thanks and share your thoughts with others.”
Many of you know I don’t write much unless it’s something I feel might need or deserve levity, correction or if it’s something I feel very deeply about. This is the later.
About a year ago a special Lady felt we should have a place to share our thanks for the upcoming Holidays. After our move and because of the quirks of TBD ning this thread ended up as a group. I have always felt it would be better as a front-page discussion. Remember how hard we worked to get to One Thousand pages before we moved?
Well since the holidays are upon us again, Dottie and I wanted to recognize this lady. We felt what better way than to try and replicate her post and bring it out in the open. She has no idea we are doing this and we hope she doesn’t mind.
Dottie and I just want to thank Judy and bring this thread to the fore.
We hope you will all take some time to give thanks and perhaps thank Judy at the same time. We also hope you don’t mind if you find it bumped back to the front we have no idea who might do that but we do hope it is more than one.


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I was very thankful when I saw this again on the front page.
And Very Very, well you know.
I am thankful that you are all still here being thankful.
Big hugs all around.
HOLY SMOKES!! Hiya Chez!! So glad to see you again!! Happy Valentines Lovely Lady. :-)
Cheezie! It's amazing to see you! Much love, dear. Hope all is well in your world.
And she magically appears out of the ether waves. We thought she had fallen overboard, or something.
Yes, ♥ , you are.
Amen !!!! LoL!!!

AND I am esp. thankful that our Pru has had a year with her liver with the admonishment to said liver that it had best give her many many more years of life!

And I"m extremely grateful for a number of other things, and esp. for Douglas, being loved as I am is a priceless gift.
Indeed you are pussycat !
I am thankful for all the friends on tbd who follow me around wherever I go. Even when they don't realize it. (:>)
That is so cool. Perfect, awesome, just like you.

I am thankful that most of my homework for the week is done, and everything else I have to do counts more as fun than as work. Peace all!
I'm thankful that every day is Valentine's Day with A.
I know, I know. We're that disgusting couple that everyone mocks, albeit gently. Our daughter has her own, special version of mockery: when she sees us hugging or smooching, she "MOOooooOOooooOOOO"s at us--because we're making "cow eyes" at one another, of course.

Then again, we've waiting a long time to feel like this about someone and to have those feelings reciprocated.




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