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I was talking with a friend the other day, and he said "I don't remember how to have fun!" He said his life is so filled with obligations, things he must do or should do, that he has no time for himself. When he occasionally does have some free time, he doesn't know what to do. He says he doesn't know how to have fun any more!

So, what do you do for fun? How do you spend your free time? What is the funnest thing you've done in the last year.

OK, I'll start!  For me it's reading fiction, especially escapist fantasy and stuff 'I am too old for', Like Tolkien, H.G.Wells, Paolini ...

Your turn ...

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I just BBQED shish-k-bobs for dinner we had it with couscous.
I think I understand your friend James. I don't necessarily have too much to do but just nothing but time to fill and no real idea of what I like any more. Most things I had fun doing in the past, I have no interest in today. Lots of been there, done that. Now, I just fill my time with things to pass the time....Maybe at some point I will regain a passion for something or other, but what that is I don't know now.
Hi, James, nice to meet you.

I've been retired for almost eighteen years, and am still having fun. I'm another book lover; that's a wonderful way to fill time with pleasure. I have developed a passion for mycology since I discovered the beauty of mushrooms when we arrived here in the countryside - in the city, all I ever saw was at the grocery store! Along with that goes botany and a growing interest in all the critters that live around us as well. You name it - wall lizards, insects, (I am hosting a stick bug just now - he is charming), hedgehogs, birds, snails - they are fascinating to learn about. And then of course the computer - where else could I have a library of all that information at my fingertips? I can get lost quite happily in the googlabyrinth for an hour or two at a time.

I like my own company, but having fun with friends rates high, too. I live in a historic area, so there are always beautiful things to see when we're not enjoying the local wine in our own gardens - or picking the grapes to make it!

Every day brings a new surprise, a new happiness. I just have to notice it and enjoy it. That's a big responsibility. ,-D

PS I'm not giving the list of things I don't enjoy: taxes, bills, mowing lawn...

*Stop! You said you wouldn't do that!*
By "stick bug", do you mean what we called a "walking stick"? (4" to 6" long, looks like a twig, but with legs.) I haven't seen one of them is ages!

I like stick bugs, they're  cool looking. nice bug.

I now have time to do things that I like to do, although I don't have the money to do a lot of them! LOL!

I like to read....its always been my favorite pastime.

I like to hang with the liberals at the donut shop....these folks can talk intelligently on a wide range of subjects.

I like to work at the rib joint....I wish I could get a few more hours. Restaurants have cool groups of workers....lots of life's stories to hear.

I'm really getting into this bike riding phase. Right now my mind is requesting that a go faster and further than what my legs can accomplish. Hopefully that will change.

I like seeing the old friends and telling and retelling the old tales. I had that opportunity on the Fourth of July, and will have several of the old gang as visitors in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward.

I like the ladies, but really, they don't much give me a second look anymore. Thats OK....I had my day.

And through all its ups and downs, I have fun on TBD.
And through all its ups and downs, I have fun on TBD.

Did I forget to mention that? I guess it goes without sayin'.

Getting under people's skin and being a general nuisance is always fun. It may be viewed as a sad attempt to gain attention but that's only from the point of view of the victim(s).

Don't give up on "the ladies". I won't, until I'm 6' under!
Nope I haven't given up, even though they probably have! LMAO!
Did you ever figure out what to feed your stick bug? (or whatever it's called)
Yes, Darroll, I googled it and found out the kind of things they may eat - I gave him an assortment of leaves, and he ended up munching into the blackberry leaves. Fortunately I have plenty of those in my woods, so he is happy.




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