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...do we need? 

In reading articles on Robin Williams' death, I noticed one said he was having financial difficulties.  This is not to diminish the hopelessness he felt that led to his suicide. It's not about that at all. But he said he had to sell his 35 million dollar ranch because he couldn't afford it anymore.  To him, this was a financial difficulty.

It triggered the thought in my head: How much do people need? If you could put a dollar amount on how much would make you comfortable, could you do it?

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I am happy living in a 14 x17 foot room . Every thing I need is in my living room . I think it would be hard to find a one room place . It would be so nice if I could use a bathroom and take a shower on my own . 

Living in such luxery wouldn't be right for me . Main reason I wouldn't want to pay for anything like that . My 300 dollar rent is good .

I am not able to answer this question because I have more than I need already. That is not to say I am rich just that my needs are not that great.

Truth be told, I think I could handle winning the lottery.  I would make sure my whole family was OK and I would take them all, at the same time, on a lovely vacation--like rent a villa on a hill top in Jamaica or something.

i guess its different for all people .. i pretty much have all i need even tho my house can be a bit cramped at times .. last year my pool exploded in my back yard and i replaced it with a smaller one and i like the new one just fine .. i wasn't so sure at first but bigger ain't always better .. all i really want is somethin i can jump in and cool off in and the new one does the trick .. and i suppose i could buy a new car but as long as the one i have now gets me where i need to go i'm ok with it .. a newer one would be nice but its not a necessity .. if i hit the lottery i'd build an addition onto my house and setup a recordin studio and get some good equipment .. but i can't really think of anything else i'd spend a bunch of money on .. but as has been said robin williams depression may have been due to his inability to downsize ?? never havin had that much i can't speak on that topic .. back in 1929 when the stock market crashed there were a lot of rich people who jumped out windows cause they couldn't bear to think of themselves as poor .. just couldn't handle it .. so i know its a real thing for them .. i'm sure there's some people who couldn't live like me if they're used to havin a lot more but if you put it all into perspective whats really important ?? you need a place thats warm and dry to sleep and you need food to eat .. most everything after that is just a bonus .. i'm happy with all i have .. i think it was said by some wise man somewhere that you should have what you want and want what you have .. do i have that right ??   

My needs are simple...I need about $800.00/mo. for hookers, about $300.00 for dope, $500.00/mo. for gambling, $300.00/mo. for food and clothes, $800.00/mo. for housing , $400.00/mo. for transportation, and $1,000/mo. for vacations.

Any more money then that I'd probably just fritter away.

Wow !

yeah we wouldn't want you to fritter all your money away now would we ?? lol.. ehh.. go ahead and fritter who gives a shit anyway .. 

We have more than enough although there is always something we seem to need, right at the moment we need a new driveway, the front porch needs to be sanded and painted. I would like to remodel one of the bathrooms. We can pay for them but I hate to take money out of our savings....need to save more first. 

Relevant to the "How much do we need ?" question - William's two ex-wives were each getting $30 MILLION dollars a year in alimony, and Williams wasn't earning anywhere NEAR that kind of money. There are "money problems", and then there are "MONEY problems"...




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