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How do you respond to invitations to be someone's friend, when you don't know the person, they belong to no groups, and they have not posted in any discussions? I usually ask them "Why me? Something in my profile? Something I posted?" Most never respond, but some do. They may say they like my avatar, or something else. But do you accept someone (who may even seem sincere) without knowing anything about them?

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If they've posted in any of the groups I play in and their comments aren't flaming material, sure I'll add them. I can always dump them later. Unlike AggieK I don't have pictures posted that I wouldn't want the world to see.
I had someone request my friendship. I had no idea who this person was and they had a private profile. I was in a "what the hey" mood and the person turned out to be very nice. I know it doesn't always turn out that way and usually I let the request hang for a few days and see if they start getting involved. I don't take the friend thing too serious. The people that I don't know and already have a couple of hundred friends, I just figure they'll never miss me anyway. :-)
strangers become friends and friends become strangers .I dont care . Its just accepting someone's request wanting you to be their friend . and not signing your life off ;-)
I know all that, but I still can't understand why anyone would send a FR without at least introducing themselves if they've never crossed your path before. I always do, even if it's an old friend finally arriving here from TBD1.

I think one thing that annoys me here is that you can't send a PM to anyone who is not already a friend, so you can't write, as I used to, and ask what caught their interest. But I do take the time to look at their page and see what groups they are in, who they hang out with...

Excuse me now, I have to get out the phone book and invite a total stranger over for lunch...
I like to eat. Can I go to lunch too?
The other night I was on FAcialbook and trying to concoct a message to a friend. All of a sudden, from the bottom of the screen came a "Chat" inquiry: "Who are you and why are you looking for me?" It was actually some child who kept appearing as a "mutual friend" on my FB screen- so much so, that I added him into my friends. I guess they send a request and he complied...

Anyway, you should have seen that "Chat!" The dirtiest mouth on a little boy that I can imagine, which of course inspired my deranged replies. It became so frightening that I had to tell him I am one of his teachers and to watch out! Then I quickly removed him from my friends directory and "blocked" him from ever returning. What a crazy few moments!
That was me Karen. Gotcha! I won't tell everybody here what you really said. lol
There are some rather odd ones trolling the chat waters here, too... but not quite that bad, I think...
Aren't we all strangers? I click and add...what's the harm...this is the world wide web right? What I post gets read by everyone, so what's the big secret, add a new friend....think of the possibilities...

Besides, if it doesn't work out..there's a delete...shhhh
That's what I figure. I have so few friends, a few wholesome Ukranians never kilt anyone.




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