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How about a thread where we can go just to check in,

hang out, converse a little about anything? 

here's a place for us to just...


check in...


see what's going on with each other...


catch up...


So... what's up?



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Hey! Robbie! Do I detect sarcasm in that post? 

Why, you............



sm@rt @ss. 



Sorry...meant to expand on that....It's not right that some one miss out on all the wonders of the 'change'.   Power surges...personal summers...



I just can't say that I will miss any of that, Jaylee!

there is a rooster that tryies to attack  me every day.

The donkey comes over to chase it away.

I am taking the donkey  somee apples and carrots.

She is my  protector and friend.

Time to shower, go to work.

I will be back smelling like shit.


I hate roosters...

I love them....dredged in flour and cooked all crispy brown in real butter.


Beth, do you live in the country? I didn't have that impression from pics of 'lil Blackie for some reason. Sorry about the rooster. That's a very good donkey. Take pics!

Temperatures and What They Mean

40 Californians shiver uncontrollably, Minnesotans go swimming.

35 Italian cars don't start.

32 Water freezes.

30 You can see your breath. Politicians begin to worry about the Homeless.

25 Boston water freezes. Cat insists on sleeping on your bed with you.

20 Californians weep pitiably, Minnesotans eat ice cream. You can hear your breath.

15 N.Y. City water freezes. Politicians begin to talk aobut the homeless.

12 You plan a vacation to Mexico.

10 Too cold to snow

5 You need jumper cables to get the car going. Cat insists on sleeping in your bed with you.

3 You plan a vacation in Houston.

0 Too cold to skate. American cars don't start.

-5 You can cut your breath and use it to build an igloo.

-10 Too cold to think. Politicians actually do something about the homeless.

-15 Cat insists on sleeping in your pajamas with you. You need jumper cables to get the driver going.

-20 You plan a 2-week hot bath.

-25 The mighty Monongahela freezes. Japanese cars don't start.

-30 Californians disappear, Minnesotans button top button...

TeeBub, I lived in SE Michigan for 5 1/2 years... moved back to Hotlanta a couple years ago.

I liked it there, but I gotta say, I sure am glad to be living in a temperate climate again!

B A F, I spent about 55 years in Colorado, and NE Ohio. I didn't mind the cold at all when I was a kid. Problem is, I'm not a kid anymore. The summers here in FL. are brutal, but I'll trade them for months of snow.




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