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How about a thread where we can go just to check in,

hang out, converse a little about anything? 

here's a place for us to just...


check in...


see what's going on with each other...


catch up...


So... what's up?



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They love very cold weather.

okay, gang. We're trying to converse on the 3 Words & What's for Dinner? threads & it's just weird.

How about we hang out & shoot the sh!t here?



Here   X  or....over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>X?

Yay! Hi, J Lee!


So, I was just looking for pics of Piedmont Park, where I've been hanging out lately. I've gone walking there, hung out w/ducatiman & my dogs there, gone bicycling there w/a team to practice for an upcoming fund raising cycling event for Diabetes Research - Tour de Cure. I hadn't ridden a bike since I was about 14 yrs old until a couple months ago - I think I might get into it as a regular thing - I enjoy it!

That pic I posted at the top of the thread is Piedmont Park, and also the skyline view I have going to work every morning.



hey! my bff just called me & she & her partner & their 2 cats are on their way to my house to spend the night unexpectedly! Yay for me! Not so yay for them, as they've been living w/my bff's partner's mom for the last couple months as they get their house out of town on the market to sell & make a move back to Atlanta, an' well, I guess the proverbial sh!t just hit the fan w/livin' w/the in-law. But, hey! they've got their bestest chickie to come to for the night instead of having to drive an hour & a half to their house.

I'm thinkin' there's gonna be more drinkin' tonight. And I thought I had a quiet, uneventful, to-bed-by-10 Friday night.

Well......wouldn't that knock yer hat in he creek?????

I like that saying....I'm gonna try to work it into a conversation at the donut shop, or maybe the Brew-Ha.

With your blessings, hopefully.

okay. I've now had 3 Hornsby's. That may be my record.
Sounds like a good time. Hope you have as much fun as Larry, Kittycat and I did last year when I broke down up there and they took me in for five days. TeeBubba was also in the area and I think the area had a serious beer resupply effort after we left.

Well, Robbie, it won't be nearly as good a time as you guys had.

Unfortunately, these circumstances resulted from a falling out w/the in-law - 

a bit more volatile than your breakdown.

But I'm still glad to have 'em, & my bff & I shared some quiet laughs down the hall, out of earshot. '-)

Stir, do they have creeks or cricks in the Lelu?

Creeks!  LOL!

Most of 'em ain't bilingual up in these parts.




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