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I'm a teacher, but have always had trouble setting up gradebooks. Never learned how. Anyway, this is the current problem. Students have 10 assignments, each worth 100 pts, for a possible total of 1000.

BUT, and here is where I have trouble. Those 1000 points are to equal 50 pts that go in the gradebook.

So if they get everything right, they get a 50. If they get half right, (500 pts) they get a 25.

What about all the other possibilities? How do I find the points they get out of 50 if they get 744.34 points, or any other amount they might get?


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Just a fast ratio problem is all. Take your example. If they got 744.34 points out of 1000, then that's 74.4 percent. Translate that over to a problem like this:

.744 (or 74%) X 50 =

Your answer here is 37.2 points.

Or 744/1000 = X / 50. Solve for X. You'll come out with the same answer.

Hope that helps.

What I do is add everything up, get a total, divide by 50 and multiply by 2.

So: 928.01 / 50 * 2 = 37.12 is wrong.

I should be doing .928 * 50 = 46

Is that correct?
No, SeaRain you are essentially dividing by 25 in your example (multiplying by 2/50) You need to simply divide the total points by 20
928.01/20 = 46.4
Umm, you are a teacher? Where'd you get your license? Sears?
Adult education teacher. Don't need a license to teach. I have an MBA. I am a good teacher. Just not good in math. So suck it up and come to one of my classes. You might learn something on how to be nice to other people.
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Is right. 1000 divided by 50 equals 20 which means the scores will need
to be divided by 20 to give you an equivalent grade based on the total of
50 being equal to 100% of 1,000.

In college we run across this alot. Grades of 25, 30 or 40 equalling
100% but are added in the end to give a direct total in relationship to 1,000
easily divisible by 10. I do not know why the school is using the total of 50
when it would be so much easier for the student and teacher alike to use the
100. Unless they are creating a math equation for the adult students to figure out,
which I believe is not very nice, or their scoring system in the computer can not
allow for that many points. ;)
I never could understand why the point system had to be stupid erratic points, like 33. It is a nice number, and I won't say anything bad about it, but 33 for the total points on an assignment?

You are right - sometimes I don't think they are being very nice. Actually, I believe if someone else sets up the point system, they should also set up the grading system.

I always went on the 100 point system. Made it easier for me. And the students.

Thanks for your input Sasha.
OK, ZenDog, if you want to snap at someone or something, you can snap at me because I will know it is not aimed at me. I really do have thick skin.

I don't know who is doing skits in the streets where you live and what they are about.


I don't know why you can't use the phone.

I don't know how much clearer I could have been other than the math problem I asked about.
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Quinn, can help you I think, she is good at math.............ask Quinn?




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