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    The Topps Company, manufacturer of chewing gum and candy and collectibles is best known for the leading producer of baseball,football, basketball, and hockey cards as well as other non-sports themed trading cards. Now a subsidiary of Topps called Bopps is releasing a new line of collectible cards that will have people buying them and trading them in America and around the globe....introducing Bopps Clergy Cards.
     A friend of mine who owns a store that sells sports cards and comic books and a whole array of what can only be described as ungapatchka collectibles has received a preview shipment of these new clergy cards which I was fortunate to be privy to before they go on sale to the general public.
     There are sets of cards with pictures or photos, (if available) with statistical and biographical information on the back much like you would find on a baseball card. I was able to peruse through some cards of past and present popes, cardinals, saints. bishops, priests, imams, ministers, rabbis, pastors, etc. among others.   I could envision the Last Supper Card would be in great demand of every collector being similar to a team photo. 
     There are familiar names on cards like John The Baptist, Paul The Apostle, evangelist Billy Graham, Charlton Heston, Drew Brees, and from what my friend said a very limited special  edition of the Big Kahuna, himself, Jesus Christ.  When I told my friend that I hope his clientele don't find these cards too offensive,all he could say was "Amen to that."
     I read in the previews that there will be some other limited editions of cards featuring Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, Oral Roberts, even Joan of Arc . Bopps decided not to include Derek Jeter as he has a place in baseball history cards already. These cards will be sold in packs of ten, the price yet to be determined.  The reason of ten in a pack I read is because ten has been such a significant number in religion and events throughout the millennia.
     The packs of ten cards in most cases will not include a stick of bubble gum like most collectors are used to, but instead a sealed sacramental communion wafer. There will also be sets of Judaism cards acknowledging famous rabbis throughout history. These packs of ten will include a sealed piece of matzoh.
     Shop owners will be receiving shipments of these very exciting Bopps cards after Thanksgiving in time for the rest of the holiday season.

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The ACLU will shut this place down quickly.

You really don't know anything about what the ACLU does. It is more likely that they would defend their right to sell the cards. Of course it is highly unlikely that anybody would want them.

I'm waiting for them to release a line of extreme strippers and pole dancers.




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