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The Health Care Reform Bill that narrowly passed the House of Representatives is now being considered by the Senate. The following are quoted excerpts from the House version that was sent to the Senate. Read them and it will be crystal clear why President Obama is insisting that the
Senate pass the bill before they leave on a Congressional vacation.

Although he admitted at a White House press conference yesterday on July 22, that he had not "read the bill", it is obvious his advisors are afraid that if the Senators go home before voting on it and the people find out what is really in it, that it will not pass.

These are direct excerpts from the House version ....

Page 22: The federal government will be empowered to audit the books of any corporation that self-insures.

Page 29, Lines 4-16: All health care will be rationed based on age, the present health of any patient and the availability of health services and supplies.

Page 30, Sections 1-3: A government committee will decide what treatments or benefits will be made available under the health care that will be provided. It will be illegal to provide any medical benefits to anyone that haven't been pre-approved by the committee.

Page 42: A Health Choices Commissioner will be appointed by the President and will choose what health services will be provided to each patient.

Page 50, Section 152: Healthcare will be provided to all Non-U.S. citizens within the borders of the United States, illegal or otherwise.

Page 58: The Health Choices Commissioner's Office will have real time access two every medical patient's financial records and all citizens will be issued and be required to have on their person at all times a National ID Health card.

Page 59: (Continuation of Page 58) The Government will have direct access to all bank accounts and electronic transfer accounts of patients.

Page 65, Section 164: Subsidization for retirees of Unions and ACORN

Page 72, Lines 8-14: Brings all health care HMO and private insurance plans under government control.

Page 84: Section 203: All benefit packages for private health care plans will be under the control of the government.

Page 85, Line 7: The Health Choices Commissioner will specify what benefits will be allowable under private health care plans.

Page 95: Community Action Groups (ACORN and Americorps) will be authorized to sign up citizens for the Government Health Care Plan.

Page 102, Lines 12-18: All Medicaid eligible recipients will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid. They will have no choice.

Page 124, Lines 24-25: All government suppliers and contractors are exempt from price fixing lawsuits. "Judicial Review" is prohibited.

Page 126, Lines 22-25: Employers must pay for the health care for any part-time employees AND their families.

Page 127, Lines 1-16: The government will set salaries for all doctors.

Page 145, Lines 15-17: An employee will be required to automatically enroll all employees in the public option plan. The employee will not have any choice in the matter.

Page 149, Lines 16-24: Any employer with a payroll of $400,000 or more who does not provide a public option, will be required to pay the government 8% surtax on the payroll.

Page 150, Lines 9-13: Any employer with a payroll between $251,000 and $400,000 who doesn't provide a public option will be required to pay a 6% surtax on their payroll.

Page 179, Lines 1-3: Any non-resident Alien is EXEMPT from individual health care taxes.

Page 195: All officers and employees of the Health Care administration will have unlimited access to the financial and personal records of ALL American citizens without the necessity of a search warrant.

Page 203, Lines 14-15: (The following is a direct quote!) "The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as a tax." (Presumably therefore it cannot be deducted on income tax returns)

Page 239, Lines 14-24: The government will reduce physician services for Medicaid, thereby rationing medical support for the poor.

Page 241, Lines 6-8: All doctors will be paid equally, with no regard to specialty of training required.

Page 253, Lines 10-18: The Health Care administration will decide the value of the time of physicians, professional judgment, etc.

Page 265 Section 1131: The Health Care administration will control and mandate productivity for private health care industries, nursing services, hospice, retirement centers, drug production, etc.

Page 268, Section 1141: The Health Care administration will regulate the rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs.

Page 272, Section 1145: The Health Care administration will determine what treatment will be provided at Cancer hospitals and will ration treatment based on type and the classification of a patient.

Page 280, Section 1151: The government will penalize hospitals if they exceed their quota of "preventable readmissions."

Page 298, Lines 9-11: If doctors treat a patient during an initial admission that results in a readmission to the hospital, the government will penalize the patient.

Page 317-318, Lines 21-25: The government will be authorized to tell physicians what they can own and how much, and can audit their personal records without a warrant.

Page 317-318, Lines 21-25: Hospitals will not be permitted to expand their physical facilities.

Page 321, Lines 2-13: Hospitals wanting to expand may appeal for an exception to the expansion rule, but community approval is required through community action agencies (ie: ACORN)

Page 341, Lines 3-9: The government has the authority to disqualify Medicare supplemental plans, HMO, private insurance plans, etc., which will force all citizens into the government plan.

Page 354, Section 1177: The government will restrict enrollment of "Special Needs" patients
(ie: Downs Syndrome, Speech Therapy, handicapped, etc.)

Page 379, Section 1191: The government will create a Telehealth Advisory Committee which will provide health advice by phone.

Page 425, Lines 4-12: An "Advance Planning Care Consultant" Department will be created.
Think 'End of Life' for Senior Citizens.

Page 425, Lines 22-25: (Page 426: Lines 1-3): The Government will provide a list of end of life resources that will guide senior citizens to their death.

Page 427, Lines 15-24: The government will mandate orders for end of life actions. In brief, the government will decide how life ends.

Page 429, Lines 1-9: An "Advance Care Planning Consultant" will be used more frequently as a patient's health deteriorates.

Page 429, Lines 10-12: The "Advance Care Planning Consultant" will include the authority for "End of Life" plans, on an order from the government.

Page 429, Lines 13-25: The government will specify which doctors will have the authority to sign an "End of Life" Order.

Page 430, Lines 11-15: The government will decide what level of treatment patients will receive at the end of their lives.

Page 469: Medical services and nursing for home-based patients will be provided by "Community-based organizations." (ACORN, etc.)

Page 472, Lines 14-17: Such community based organizations will be paid by the government once each month based on the number of patients they serve. Such organizations will not be required to employ registered or practical nursing professionals.

Page 489, Section 1308: Marriages and divorces will not be authorized unless the couple subjects themselves to marriage and family therapy.

Page 494-498: All Mental Health Services will be provided by the government including defining, creating, and rationing those services.

..... Remember .... these are just excerpts from the House version jammed through the House by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

It might be better entitled "Soylent Green - 2009"


"The Death Sentence Bill for Grandparents, the infirm, and the Handicapped".

Incidentally, on the front page of the Tulsa World (July 23 issue) the President was quoted as saying in a press conference ......

"This isn't about me. I have great health insurance, and so does every member of Congress."

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Hype and hystaria seem to be fueling much of this debate. Ontario Canada is bigger than Rhode Island, Actually many times larger. From large urban centers to remote in the extreme.

Why now? Probably because tomorrow more families, hopefully other than yours, will be on the road to medical bankruptcy.

I will agree that litigation excess against drug companies is very problomatic. Lawsuit rewards are to some extent driven by the huge costs of worst case scenarios. Those requiring a lifetime of very expensive medical intervention. Then on top of that courts will award lottery type amounts. Fair? Not for me to decide.

"They said on the news", I have to laugh at that, as any viewer of The Daily Show probably would.
NONE of the government workers or elected officials will be in this plan.

Just us peasants..
This health care plan will bankrupt the United States of America. We are turning into a socialist country very quickly. Remember Germany in the 1930's ?
Okay this is what you would not do. What would you do? Please tell us exactly what you would do about the crisis of health care in the U.S.
Well said.
Public servants have a different plan?
Bad idea, looks bad, smells bad.
If this public plan is so good, why don't the President and Congress want to be on it?
I could not agree more with you on that point
Thanks for posting this, Pam. I started a Health Care discussion in Jack's Politics group, but it didn't have any of these specifics. I have been against this nonsense from the beginning. Maybe reading the specifics will wake some people up.
"Page 22: The federal government will be empowered to audit the books of any corporation that self-insures."

They bloody well SHOULD be! I worked for a "Christian" MINISTRY that was self-insured. Their practice and policy was to ignore paying claims until the employee was having their ass summoned into Small Claims court.
Hey, what's some serf's credit rating, when there's an extra day or two's banking interest at stake?

As for the rest of what you posted, evidently you haven't heard about the new "ACORN corollary to Godwin's Laws which states "In any internet or Newsgroup discussion, the first mention of Hitler, Nazis, Orly Taitz or ACORN brings said discussion to an immediate end, and the person citing said subjects is pwned..."

Well, if you all weren't running through the streets screaming "SOYLENT GREEN IS *OLD* PEOPLE!!!" you'd be going on about poorly-forged Kenyan birth certificates.

We have a 1/2 black man for president. Deal with it.
As for page 22 I talked to a friend of mine tonight who is Director of Employee Services for a major hospital in Nashville. They self insure. She told me that they already do have to report every year and show that they are solvent and are paying claims in a timely manner. I would say she knows about such things.
Also all of this is merely conjesture since no health care bill has been passed by either House of Congress. Some bills have made it out of committee in the House but none have come to the floor.
Thank you Johnny for an excellent post
Jacquin, you can find my sources on the internet. Myself and GreatLady have both posted a website that has the whole proposed bill laid out (look at the 1st 2 pages). Again I will say that we do need reform, but not a rushed through one and why not reform medicare and medicaid? Why start over?

No one here has commented on what I said about what they did with Social Security. If gov't would keep their hands out of these accounts that are set up for a specific reason then accountability wouldn't be so difficult. The same goes with adding pork to bills. Why can't a bill stand alone? If it can't than we just don't need it to be part of the gov't's business and the private sector should encourage change.
BTW, I'm glad to see you libs finally made your way over here. LOL




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