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HEADLINE: San Francisco nudists rally for right to bare it all

A group of nudists in San Francisco are protesting new laws that would require them to 'cover up' while conducting regular activities in public places (click).  They would retain permission to be nude in certain areas and at certain events, but would be forced to dress in order to walk on the side walks, enter public buildings or 'be visible' to the other citizens of the city.


Do you think these 'naked guys' should have the right to walk past playgrounds and display their natural selves in public parks?  Or have they (as one citizens says) "crossed the line into an irritating form of exhibitionism"?













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Wouldn't bother me so long as I didn't have to be nude.

Down there, it would finally show what sex they really are.

Well...you finally posted something I don't have an opinion on.

I tried, I really did, but I just couldn't come up with anything

Maybe tomorrow, but I doubt it.

I'd say that they should have the right to bare arms, but that's about it.

All my ladies on the farm are nude vegans.

Doesn't bother anyone that they are walking amidst children?  I bet parents have a lot of 'splaining to do when the kids get home. 

Would you sit on a chair that had just been occupied by a naked person?  Would you stand in line behind or in front of one at Burger King?  Would you avert your eyes when a woman bent over to pick up her purse?  Would you want to be waited on by a nude person (including nude men) in a restaurant?  A family restaurant?

I just have so many questions...

I'm a supporter of our "unalienable rights" that include life, "LIBERTY". and the "PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS". I'm sure being naked feels liberating to some of these people, and I'm sure some would also claim they are doing something that makes them happy. And I personally have absolutely no problem with the naked human body. 

That being said, no, I don't want to see a bunch of naked people hanging out on the street. I believe that there should be a place, or places, where these people can feel free to do what they do. I just don't think Burger King, the mall, or even the street corner should be included as one those places. 


There is a boob print in my mashed potatoes.

And I have not so many answers....

I agree w/all of the above.    There's a time and a place to be naked.    Not in front of me unless we have some "business" going on...just saying..."-)

Well....er...ah....alrighty then....

I think I'd be laughing all the time.  Naked people look so funny.




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