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HEADLINE: How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant' Shirt Sparks Controversy As Taco Cid Defends 'Witty' Statement

A restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina (specializing in
Mexican food) is selling and promoting this tee shirt (click):



Restaurant T-shirt found in South Carolina stirring controver... on Twitpic


There has been huge backlash claiming the shirt is racist.  The owner of Taco Cid says it's all just in fun.

Is humor okay if it degrades or demoralizes others?  Is it insensitive?  Are Pollack jokes, blonde jokes and Aggie jokes harmful?  What about jokes that objectify women? 

How far should humor go?






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Oh........... Duh.......
Thats a figure four trap and I find it funny.
My wife is a pollock and loves Pollock jokes.
It just the other bunch that yells racist all the time.
They hate everything.

I think the owner showed some very poor judgment by having employees wear the shirt. That being said, practically all humor can and will be interpreted differently, by different people.

Comedians through the years have pushed the boundaries of what and how humor is defined. Lenny Bruce was famous for using racial and ethnic slurs. At the time, much of George Carlin's material was considered taboo by many. For years Redd Fox's routines were considered too "blue" for white audiences. The list goes on. I'm just saying that for practically every joke ever told, there is a potential victim.

"What makes most things truly funny is when they are true."

The above, while I may agree, is a definition, or at least your opinion of what is funny. The point I was trying to make is that no one can define funny. Definitions differ, and opinions differ, because people differ in knowledge, experience, motivations and tastes.

Depends on the perspective.

Kooner, I never said it was funny. I have family, through marriage, that are Mexican. And to be honest, there is one that I'm not sure if she is illegal or not. I never asked, and never will. All I'm saying is that there is no hard and fast rule as to what is funny. Never has been, never will be. There will only be interpretations and perceptions, and those vary from person to person. I never agree with darrol, but he said he finds it funny. I think that is sad, but I am sure he is not the only person who thinks the same way as he does. 

Kooner, I saw your point from the git go. I was just trying to explain my point, which is pretty much summed up in the above. 

 The long and the short of it is this: there is no subject matter that is not going to offend "someone" and then he gave a ridiculous example that you would never expect to find in real life and lo-and-behold! Someone had had that experience and was offended by it!

Peace, Love, and Monster Hugs!

On behalf of Monsters Everywhere (M.E.) I must protest your use of hugs with monster. We find it very offensive, signifying sentiment such as it does, unless of course it is used with "to death". Please refrain from using the term Monster Hugs in the future.  

red, As a card carrying member of Monsters Everywhere, you can be assured of my allegiance. Of course the "monster hug" meant to be to the death. That Peace/Love crap is used as camouflage.(don't tell Kooner) 

Of course there is a difference between Monsters Everywhere, and the rival gang Monsters Anywhere. Please let me know where your alliances are. 

I am a M.E. and I believe this is beyond dispute. I could never be a M.A. And although I have a degree of respect for Monsters Inc., they are just caricatures of the true Monster spirit. But very animated. 

Dear red, It's not that I don't trust you, (which I don't) but to prove your membership in the ME. I'll need to see at least two forms of identification including your membership card.

Until then, Peace, Love

Just kidding!

I'm forced to be so politically correct now-a-days that I squeak when I walk. 

Remember back when we had real issues to keep our minds occupied, like world hunger.

Gee, I sure hope I haven't offended anybody with my take on this.  I'd hate to have offended The Tin Man, or a hungry person.

Well....seein' as how I try very hard to keep my mind unoccupied with anything......I think I may be offended but I'm really not sure. As soon as I I get through bein' unoccupied I'll think about it some more and let you know.





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