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HEADLINE: Hackers attack Westboro Baptist Church for picketing Sandy Hook

I thought this (click) was a very interesting and moral issue.

After learning that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the burials of the victims in the Sandy Hook shooting, Anonymous has hacked into the Westboro Baptist Church's private records and published personal information about its congregation. 


I'm not sure I would call this vigilantism and I'm not sure I could say it was an ethically correct move, but am certainly questioning whether it is justifiable.  I believe the parishioners to be heartless, yet they are still entitled to their personal privacy, but still....


What do you think?









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How easy it is to mistake one' s ego for god.

The Westboro bunch aren't really a religion or a church, they are family members who filed that way to get tax brakes. They started out as gay bashers and expanded from there. They don't deserve any attention other than to keep them from the agenda they have to be a hate group.

It sounds like what might be more defined as a cult, almost like Warren Jeffs Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints or such: "The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is made up of its leader, Pastor Fred Waldron Phelps, nine of his 13 children (the other four are estranged), their children and spouses, and a small number of other families and individuals. Phelps has maintained tight control over the group. His estranged son Nathan says the elder Phelps abused his children and his wife, cultivating an atmosphere of fear to maintain his authority."

At least four of Phelps children had sense enough to escape his hold.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has some informative information on them and related articles


I never heard the The Westboro group (I don't think they are truly a church( was going to picket the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings.  What are they doing now just going around and picketing everyone's funerals?

I think they are in a category having LOTS of company, people using this sad tragedy to promote their own beliefs or advance their own agendas. I see a lot of it and I am sick of it; all of it.

The creepiest thing about reading the list is that members of the WBC apparently work in rather mainstream settings such as for the department of child protective services and for the corrections dept and sherrif's dept. If that isn't just plain scarey, what is?

The Westboro Church has no belief system, they are lawyers with a business model. Their model is to goad people into trampling on their first amendment rights and then possibly suing the parties involved. Ignore them.

Not bad advice since everytime someone looks at their site , the WBC gets some money for that.




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