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we all know Larry and Kittykat are on the road for the next couple weeks. You know what that means gang??????? We can go to their house, I am sure Lar has beer stashed away, and we can take up a collection, and party---no clean up required!!!!!!!  He will be a bit surprised when he gets back and all the furniture is broken and the place is trashed. Good old Larry, he will not mind giving up his house for us. Anyone got the correct address?????   Party---Party

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Waiting for the price of aluminum to go back up????
Y'all behave...as of this moment, Di is on the phone with Larry. Y'all behave now, ya heah?!!!?
Thanks TSD. You're a very bad girl blondie, you followers too. Last summer I built a pit in the back yard for mud wrestling. Clear the snow away and have fun. STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE.

I'll deal with you more tomorrow morning.




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