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Has anyone been surprised by the events of the last 1 1/2 years?

Given the news of the past year and a half, have you been surprised at what has been going on in our country politically? Did you foresee the events that have taken place or are you taken aback for one
reason or another?

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I was surprised at the widespread level of uncivility - ugly talk in town hall meetings, rallies, even during the prez's State of Union speech, and in the halls of Congress. When was the last time you heard such disrespect for a fairly elected prez or senator in an official setting?
I am disheartened, (maybe not surprised) at the numbers of decent candidates "retiring" amidst threats of violence, and the zealots making a fetish of "open carry" customs as if they're in old Dodge City and need to take the law into their own hands. All that tree-watering-with-blood business. Scary!
Again Westerly, just ask yourself "why" (especially "why now") and all will be revealed.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. It's good old fashioned intimidation, a technique perfected throughout our nation's history.
Since when is 46 years old a wet behind he ears kid? I did vote for Obama because the Republicans had made huge mess of the country and we needed change.
A "guy" and a "kid?" Want to deconstruct that one for me?
Obama had little experience in Washington.
McCain was too damn old for the job.
We cannot keep blaming the republicans as the house was controlled by the democrats for the past six plus years and yes, they did vote for the wars, even though they said they didn’t.
We are becoming a nation of blamers. If I fall on my a$$, it’s my fault and I do not expect any law or act or anyone to bail me out. You are on your own.
Darroll, it is not necessary to be a Washington insider to be a good president of the United States. It is necessary to have a vision of where the country should go—both domestically and internationally—and how to get there. A wise president surrounds himself (or herself) with good advisors and then synthesizes the information he receives into action and policy.

McCain might not have been too old, but he was too stupid, too erratic, and had no vision for the country. His choice of Sarah Palin put the last nail in the coffin of his presidential aspirations.

Voting records are voting records. You take the votes you take and then you explain them when asked. Republicans wasted opportunities to reform health care because they had no desire to reform health care. Nor did they have any stomach for paying for the Bush tax cuts, which is part of the reason we have the deficit problem. Nor did they mind that Bush kept the cost of the war off the budget (which is another reason for the deficit). There is blame to go around, to be sure, but the Republicans have to own what they did and didn't do just like the Democrats. That's not blaming, that's history and documented fact.

Personally, I'm proud of the fact that this nation cares for its elderly, and preserves some of its natural wonders. You might think you are on your own, but in reality, we're all in this together.
I was taught, don’t fix things that aren’t broke.
The health care plan is still not covering everyone. You have to pay for this service and when 47% pay no taxes, this means that allot people won’t be able to pay for insurance. Are the states supposed to pay for the new coverage (welfare). There are a bunch of states that cannot afford that.
This is why the some states are suing the government over healthcare.
We started out with one so-called broken medical system and now we have two.
I know it’s the law, but will wait and see.
Change can be a giant leap backwards.
There are many reason why those 47% don't pay income tax. They are not all poor. Some are trying to repopulate the earth, others have serious tax shelters.

If states and the federal government would end corporate welfare, covering everyone would be no problem. States offer tax incentives to attract businesses to their state and then find themselves lacking for tax money. Well, there is a solution to that.

If you lacked health insurance before, but can afford it on this plan, I doubt you will call the medical system broken. Expensive maybe, but not broken. On the other hand if your insurance company can dump you once you get sick, I'd say that system is broken.

Bicycles work best once you are moving, then adjustments can be taken as needed. The same with health care. Fear of falling, means you go nowhere (unless you walk).
Its all pretty typical. The people in the stories are different. The nature of human beings is quite predictable. Politicians are still politicians. Same junk, different folks.
I admit that Exxon paid no taxes this year. But..
The people that write our tax laws aren’t going to tax themselves. I don’t care who is in office.
We are going to tax the rich. Then have their tax people show that they are losing money. This sounds great to the people that hate the rich. Don’t worry as plenty of our elected officials are rich. But they won’t admit it, and sure protect each other.
I’m not bitching, just showing how it really is.
Hello middle class, open your wallets.
I think the Wall Street power players shorted the stock market down to twelve year lows in March of 2009 only to get in at the bottom and drive it up over 70% since then and have made billions. The small investor like myself really got hurt by this. I wouldn't be surprised if they start shoring again to drive the market down only to get back in and make billions of dollars. The Federal Reserve and Treasury are also in this rigged game we have going on in the financial markets. The small investor doesn't have a chance against the Big Boys. I will never go back into the rigged stock market. It is no different than going to Vegas and losing it on the tables.
Look at how many members of every administration, from Nixon on up until Obama, have been members of either The Trilateral Commission and/or The Council on Foreign Relations. Neither organization (comprised of global corporate elitists) have the best interest of our nation at heart when they have the ability and the power to influence our political process and that of other nations through the politicizing of wealth commerce and property.

From the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Iran-Contra right on up through the passage of NAFTA and The Patriot Act, it is clear that our government and our political process has been usurped by those who hold themselves above and unaccountable to The Constitution of the United States of America,

We need to wrest control of our government from the wretched filthy hands of the global corporate elite, smash their vision of a one-world totalitarian socialist economy, and put that power back in the hands of "We The People" who are not afraid to uphold and protect The Constitution of the United States of America.

I love my country but I fear my government. I will not hesitate to stand up and fight those who would take away my freedom. I am glad to live in a nation where I will not be spirited away in the dead of night and imprisoned in some concentration/labour camp for having the temerity to speak out against the government and its policies when said policies result in a loss of life or liberty.




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