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Being as it's my gal's birthday and I'll be playing a show tonight (04-11-10), I thought it would be a nice way to pay tribute to a woman who is an ardent friend, a woman who sings to one's strengths, is the voice of encouragement in difficult times and who is NOT afraid to call out b/s when she sees it.
Diana you are the most wonderful woman I have ever had the privilege to meet. It is an honour to have you by my side!!!!


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How sweet TSD.

Happy Birthday Daz

Happy Birthday.
Way to go Slayer.


Happy Birthday, Dazz!!

She sounds like...


Happy Birthday, Love.

Mari, that was soooo aptly put!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday to a most extraordinary woman that I've had the privilege to know!

Thank you Sandra and Kitty...I must confess I 'borrowed' someone's poem and changed it around to suit what I thought of Diana. It was a perfect fit for a perfectly deserving lady.
My goodness Dazz.....wiping a tear.......how lovely to have such a devoted man by your side. That was simply beautiful TSD. Happy Birthday Dazzling Zoomer Gal Diana!! We are all lucky to have you here!

Much love.......xoxoxo

mmmmmmmmmm CHOCOLATEmmmmmmmmm
That dazzling star in the darkest night,
I came out to see why it was so light
It's Diana, the famed
Be a zoomer that's named
Because she is such a Canadian delight.

What do you expect on short notice, eh?
Happy Birthday, DZGD!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!




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