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I love Halloween. I always dress up and go to parties. I usually dress creative and original. Loving to make people laugh, usually my costumes are pretty damn funny.
One year I dressed like Telly Savalas. I had a plastic bald wig, wore a black jacket, painted a big ass mole on my face, sucked on a sucker, and said, " who loves ya, baby" to everyone. I was a hit.
Last year I was Albert Einstien. My God, I'm tellin' ya I really looked like him. Hilarious. I have a big schnaz, like him. I, again, was a hit.
I haven't a clue who I will be this year. Any ideas?
Do you dress up for Halloween? If so what was your best costume?

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Unfortunately...I don't have to buy a mask...sigh!!!
LOL, now Have A Heart, I don't believe that. {{HUGS}}
It sounds like a fun place to be, your house, that is. I dress up and pass out candy, as well. Love the witch look, too. xooxox
In various years I have gone as a sheep (but you'd never have guessed that!), as a cowgirl (loved those chaps!), as a superhero, as a lion tamer (good excuse to get a whip!), and one year my hubby & I switched roles and I wore the suit & fedora while he went in drag!
LMAO, Calli. You rock !!!
hmmmm.....Halloween....What to wear?...what to wear?
lol, Hu. Let me know what you come up with. Maybe an evil jester... muuuaaaahhhhhh !
One year my SO and I were two BOOB's. Another year I was a Bag Lady and She was a Old DRUNKIN' Man. Lots of FUN at those parties and lots of DRINKS!!!
RED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great costume Ivy, you do look like old Al, nice tie. I haven't a creative bone in my body (maybe one). I'll go halloweening with ya Ivy but you'll have to dress me.
LMAO Larry,,, believe me, you do NOT want me to dress you !!! LMAO !
One year I went to a party with just my pants on. Folks ask me who I was suppose to be and I just told them that i just came in my pants.




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