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i heared the gov, wife told the news person if she had her way the gov of cal would be the nexit prez of the u.s.a. i think she lost her mind

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She didn't lose her mind really, was just supporting her Hubby. However...it will never happen, so don't fret.
Yeah Jack, hadn't heard anything about a constitutional amendment.
Just wait Bull, the other(sensationalist)foot will probably step in to say HI. (They can smell this stuff on here):-)
i hope not we do not need him to run the u.s.a. look what he is doing for cal
I don't think she would even get his name penciled in on a ballot simply because she lost her own creditbility breaking a law that he signed a bill for! (Remember the cellphone incident?)
I think this is less likely than ever.
I don't know, Jerry Brown might do pretty well.




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