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heh,heh,heh How bizar is that reel ad! There are soooo many weirdnesses in the ad WHAT TO HELL IS IN THE "SAND" BOX? Ok the kids can play in it but Landseer is going to hang with us in a lounge chair.

Maple St. is the street that I that I thought it was- I drove by on the way to physical therapy this morning.. unfortunately I had a a car on my butt so couldn't slow down enough to locate the house. It is on the oldest street in town mostly HUGE houses with a lot of fillagree.Some of those places date bac to 1879 or older. Im thinkin' there must be a boat load of ghoasts and demons and stuffs up there!!!

Lets talk them down the dollar and put in a bid.


HAHAHAHA! I couldn’t believe it when you showed me the actual ad, DD! I want to live in your town!

I mailed you a copy of your very own- smoooooooch!

Does it still have the boat house? Sounds good. Plenty of room to ride the John Deere mower around. Wheee! Dibs on the basement.

COOL JO> I think that the outbuilding is probably a carrage house. You definitely can have the basement!

I'm thinkin we should probably have You move in first! (I wil be hideing behind the old maple trees uot front)

How cool is that??????

mighty cool

Oh my gosh, look at that sweet expression! I want to kiss her right in that soft triangle where her lips meet.

And the baby's cute too...  :>) 

my thuoghts exactly! I lovin those black lips and red nose. Hurray for the baby also.

Yup, pretty amazing.




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