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... it makes my heart soar wen you are tender like that Angharad.

Puny god. It is Loki, by the way.

Poor Loki. Isn't Loki the trickster god? The Hulk's work is never done.


This is way cool! I thought the title would be here. This little girl is paralyzed, and her Dad made these shoes so she could get the sensation of walking.

How wonderful!

.. a beautiful, beautiful woman who is 80 yaers living her dream. The moment wen the chimp turns to Dr. Goodall and they embrace is stunning.

Oh DD!

Weeping for joy. Wounda's profound gentleness and sweetness and the love all of her caregivers obviously have for her is simply beautiful. Jane Goodall's expression as she and Wounda held each other was the heart-rendingly poignant look of a mother sending her child out into the world...

I'm going to donate to this effort. Here's the link: https://www.janegoodall.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&...

DD, you always find such wonderful videos with important, uplifting messages. Thank you, Dear One!

Here's a video from Dr. Goodall's online 80th birthday celebration on April 3, 2014. Good news for all of us!

Thank you for posting this video of Dr Goodall Darling Angharad. It is wel worth the time to watch. I wish that I had a tenth of the wisdom and commitment as she does. Thank you for the cloth grocerie bags that you made me love.. they are beautiful.. I used them today.

From my local weekly newspaper want ads, I have a hot deal for all my freinds and loved ones:

House for sale

Three bedrooms, two baths on Maple Street. White with barn red shutters (except for the three windows on the front porch).  Large, freshly stained brown deck and barn that matches the barn red shutters. Fenced in back yard with “sand” box that is great for children! Discounted price due to infestation and paranormal activity. $54,321. Call XXX-5309.

OMG! Let’s brake uot the Ghost Busters gaer and Deacon Ray and his exercism kit and buy us a clubhouse! Be sure to bring your kids to play in the “sand” box.

“Sand” box?  Do they mean the gaping-maw-of-hell brimstone box that’s conveniently situated off the “large, freshly stained brown deck”?  Great selling point! I can watch the kids be devoured by demons from the comfort of my lounge chair.

I, for one, am ready to move on this one! Do you think the sellers would take $54,320, DD?




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