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In Ohio a man who allegedly dismembered his girlfriend says that he met her online.

Does it frighten you to actually meet someone that you've had contact with online?  Does it make a difference which site you meet them on?





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God awful!!???? I beg your pardon!!!

*what else would I wear?*  ....on my feet....

A TBDer that lurkered me at a Bowling for Eons event has has become a great friendship.

George and I have met several TBD/MAers in real life, and we liked them so much, we want to see them again!

I've gradually met a few people that I encountered online, but only from around here, from this area. None from TBD or MA.

As I'd suspected, there was a valid reason that I hadn't "friended" them online. You just can't hide crazy for very long, even on the internet. After a while, it tends to wave maniacally from between the written lines, no matter how sensible or normal they may seem, screaming "Yoo-Hoo, over here ! Yup, I EAT BABY SPIDERS !!!"

It's simply a matter of paying attention to the whole message, not just the parts that ring your bell. Some folks just can't seem to grasp the importance of practicing that particular little precaution...

So I guess this means eating spiders is a bad thing??

only for the spider


Very well said, Snagg......"You just can't hide crazy for very long".

I've noticed that.

Well, there has been 73 so far and I still have all my appendages.

Oh, and Larry is definitely the most swave and deboner.

Yeah, that would be Larry, alright!  ;-0




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