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Does it bother anybody else that 8 of the top ten discussions on the front page are all games and only two are discussions?  I'm all for games! I love playing them, I love the challenge, I love the social interaction, but it worries me that people seem to have such a hard time just plain talking to each other, exchanging ideas and sharing sincere moments. Just a thought!


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That is why I suggested that if we go to myatlantis there be a separate catogory for games. I like playing them at times, but don't like wading through them to find a discussion when I'm in the mood for a discussion.
Yes, I agree. Sometimes I'm in the mood for games, but when I am in a more contemplative or serious mood, it is often hard to find a discussion in all the other stuff.
This means that games are very popular on TBD.
I don't do games but others do.
As far as myatlantis,
Are they going to pay as you go tooooo?

I agree with Q, I would love to have a category games/silliness up top without having to go to a group, which is such a pill here.

I would also love to see more real discussions like we used to have on the front page. I agree, the good ones come and go rather quickly. That is one of the big problems about not having alerts.
I agree w/everybody here- & I'm one of the big game starters & players! I'd rather have a tab at the top, like you said, Chez, that are just for games and then have a dedicated Discussions tab/group. I love engaging w/ppl, & would really enjoy more active discussions. I experienced that in the original TBD's Daily Grind, and I miss that group a lot (it's still here, technically, but somehow fell off a cliff, it seems :-()
Pru's "I Need Therapy" thread was soooooo much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed our banter there. I love bright, articulate, clever, engaging discussions. So why isn't our group here hopping w/them all the time? I think we should put Pru in charge of posting one GREAT FREAKING Discussion thread every day or 2. Do I hear a second?
hehehe... Aggie, you're so darned cute! '-)
I like the games, most times I am here for a short time so I really dont have the time to get into dicussions, but a game tab sounds good... 2 points for that idea!!
Yes, I think it would be a good idea to split out the games to their own tab. That way, those who wanted to enjoy games could go straight to them, and those who wanted discussions could find them much easier.
Okay, so can't we just ask whoever the power that be is to add a Game tab, and let's split them out from the Forum?
Might it be that simple? Maybe? (I think Pru should ask!)
Shounds like a good idea I will see what I can figure out.
By the way I pay the same amount of attention to Y'all as I do Ms Farquar. ;>)
Hmm, I wonder if that's a good thing!




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