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A google Ad "Free Black Dating Site" on this site caught my insomniac eye this morning....Is that rascist? If it said "Free White Dating Site", would it make you wonder? I'm sure whites are probably allowed, if perhaps not encouraged....it just sounded peculiar to my sleep deprived mind. How about yours?

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And Mother called me bad.
I don't know about the rest of you but for all this talk about America being the cultural cesspool of the world, I have noticed that people of other ethnicities and cultures don't do the race-mixing thing.
Maybe it's just centralized to the area in which I live but I have noticed that the Latino population, in addition to the Jewish, Arab, Asian, Hindu and other populations do not mix with people outside of their own. Why does it seem that this trend is so popular amongst the black/white Americans as opposed to other ethnicities and cultures?
Fear Dougie. Fear.
Mother, Robbie, was RIGHT! LOL
Baby, I'm NOT your mother....
I agree with this stirring call to action! No dating site should be held hostage!

What will we do?

When will we do it?
Yeah! Lets bring GUNS!
" ...If it said "Free White Dating Site", would it make you wonder? ..."

Yeah, I'd wonder why it was free.
And pretty good at ambidextrous...
How about a free kolache eating site?




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