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A google Ad "Free Black Dating Site" on this site caught my insomniac eye this morning....Is that rascist? If it said "Free White Dating Site", would it make you wonder? I'm sure whites are probably allowed, if perhaps not encouraged....it just sounded peculiar to my sleep deprived mind. How about yours?

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I can’t figure out the rules now-a-days.
What’s good for you is not good for someone else.
You’re a racist if you do, and a racist if you don’t.
Na, It's not racist. It specifies "Free" Blacks.
Robbie, you are a BAD, BAD boy!. Mother Sanity
I have a cow dating site at the farm.
Hi Bull. I'm from PA, originally. TMI stands for three mile island, a famous nuclear reactor site that almost blew up. OWT, I dont understand
Which stump is it?
Yes, but it does not specifically exclude or discourage donkeys...? Aggie?
No donkeys, just bulls and cows.
See Aggs, that doesnt count, onacounta that makes sense! Mother Sanity enjoys exploring thevrealms of the....odd. or nonsensical. or peculiar. or mentaly challenging. or deviant (personal favorite: I once had a rooster that 'was 'inlove'' with this rabbit. AND if THATS not enough, I onnce had a goat who was inlove with this hen. Both relationships were mutual...true story. I'll c if I can dig up the pics.
I once had a dog that guarded my kids champion rabbits. The dog treated them like they were her pups.
Not enough info to tell.

Is a Sushi restaurant racist if they only serve Japanese food, but agreed to serve it to anyone? No. Would it be racist if they only served Japanese customers? Yes, and they'd get hell for it.

If the 'black dating site' simply caters to folks who appreciate the look afforded by possessing more melanin than average (or folks with more melanin than average who prefer the look of people who don't) then it's not racist. If they only allow the melanin-enabled to join, that would be racist.




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