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As often happens, I find myself in the middle. there is currently a discussion going on about what is appropriate to post in the FORUM. This discussions is being carried on by many of my good friends. At this time it is still pretty civil. But I can see where there are probably some hurt feelings and it might esculate to a level that we as a group probably do not want to see. I have looked at the community guidelines and can not determine what the purpose of the FORUM might be.
Are there any guidelines for the forum? I can't find any posted.
The dictionary definition of Forum: A meeting or opportunity for exchanging views. That could mean that anything goes. If that is the correct interpretation, maybe a content warning should be posted. Kind of like the sex threads. I'm pretty liberal about most things, especially free speech, but I do think it is a good idea to let others know what area they might be wandering into. I've posted things that I am sure others would find offensive, but I hope that I have given warning about what might be contained.

What do you think about this subject?

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Yes, It is the "Who is beautiful? Man or Woman" Discussion.
Chuck, I agree. But, do you mean, members of tbd or members of the forum? If you mean members of the forum, I guess it would have to be made a group that you had to join to have access. If you mean members of tbd then you would have to have a vote, and to do that you would have to have a quorum established and met.
Aggie hug!
I miss the intellectual insight and stimulus that TBDv1 had. Yes, even the political and religious threads had lots to offer. Even though I might not have contributed I read/lurked a lot. It just seems to be that there has been a change in the general theme since we have moved here. Granted, it was a tough change for many of us from the previous format,many great contributors left but some have persevered and tried to keep up the standard.
Personally, I'm am not enthralled with some of the silliness that I see kept up front...If I were new here I think that there are some days I would not stay interested or venture much farther. Even FB has become something of a grade school playground...
Yes, I know I can change the channel....read a book...knit a scarf...but there is something about
I miss the intellectual insight and stimulus that TBDv1 had.

Jaylee53, Have you tried Tough Questions & Answers? I must warn you, they make no bones about bullshit and sometimes the thread topics will make your head spin.
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For you DD....glad to see you back....
I did not mean to come across as a cyber-snob with my post. I like naughty and silliness along with the best...I do not like direct meanness or name calling.....You guys can make me laugh til I cry...You can piss me off..even if for a bit. Some times I just want to smack you upside the head...But, Like I said...there is something about this place..I'll stick around...and defend your right to be wrong.
Well, since this is the only social network to which I belong, I guess I don't really know how you feel. I have always understood freedom of speech to mean that I had the right to say any thing I wanted as long as there was not a law against it. Said law being passed by elected representatives of the designated population. I do not however understand how anyone can equate speech and money. That would be the subject of another discussion.
Diana, I disagree with you on People are just trying to make heads or tails out of your comments, which seem to be all about you and your experiences here on TBD (and on TBDPrime)

I've had many enlightening exchanges with Tina particularly in TBDPrime on topics which don't center on her...... homelessness, Native American beliefs, education, etc. She does have a very idealistic worldview that is easy for people to scoff at, but she has much depth and a lot to share. I consider myself a deep person and I do resonate well with Tina which is why I appreciate her presence on TBD. I love reading the inspirational PMs she sends me periodically. Sometimes I'm inspired to change something in my lesson because of a certain nugget of wisdom.

And just to show you how it may feel...
What if I said to you:... try and get with the program and make some logical, reasonable and helpful suggestions. Please.

Tell me that doesn't sound abrasive or denigrating to the listener.
I'm no gentle puss myself. I have locked horns with people on TBD
in the past because I do have a temper which I try to control, but
not everyone has the ability to retort with and eye for an eye.
try and get with the program and make some logical, reasonable and helpful suggestions. I disagree, Maricel, it does not sound abrasive. It is simply rude. Besides, it expresses the essence of the person that made the statement.
Good grief....The Avatar does not a make a change... Maybe one should look up 'rude' in the dictionary.
Tina - I do not moderate anything other than my group and two others (very friendly groups also) as co-moderator. I have no idea what you are on about.

One more time (this makes the third time). You have quoted me, a number of times now. Without acknowledgment or my permission - for your own ends. I had no quarrel with you per say. However you used my words to your satisfaction. It is you who attacked me. When you do not make sense, I ask you for clarification, and I ask you again to stop quoting me out of context. PLEASE.

When you state that you are continually a victim , and are using me - and my words to justify your diatribe towards me, to my mind you are continually "crying wolf".




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