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Welcome to the forum where you can laugh at somebody else's misfortune and mistakes, the exercise in futility and Murphy's Law. I must give thanks to despair.com for a lot of the images and the inspiration. The gloves are off...!ENJOY!

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This must have been created by an attorney or a mortuary.

at least they have a hay bale to sit on....

Parenting Fail.....kinda makes you wonder why certain people are allowed to procreate....

OMG. I wonder why those poor kids are so bad. lol
ROTFLMAO!! I don't know if I think this counts as a fail. I think it's hilarious!!!! :-D

Valentine's Day card fail:

BAF, I knew I liked you for some reason.
maybe, but I'm w/you, B A F! '-)
Yep. I like twisted.




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