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I hate it, but I think that someone has to do it. Way back when, I joined up with my daughter and as time went on her friends became my friends and we all got older. And older and older. All the mummies which once packed the playground....long gone. Whos'e keeping an eye on the kiddies?


They are 14-20 years old. They are quite graphics about their behavior. But my participation, (and maybe thats the problem, my participation, causes too many problems for my daughter at school. So I deactivated my account. But how can you listen and not talk?


Did I do the right thing? What would you do?

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My kids have FB, when they first got on it we asked for thier passwords, and we told them that we would make random checks, it worked, we would check once a week, as time went on we scaled back, we trust our kids and by not going on frequently i think showed them that,although there were a few times where there was questionable stuff on thier page thet took it off, now they are a few years older and I check on them though my page. I think they really looked at some of the stuff that is out there and realized some of it is unnecessary

FB---oh my. I have a different take on this. My children are grown. We are all on FB. Once in a while we communicate. My friends are from HS(the old days) and work. I have a nephew on there that lives in another state and he wants to keep up with his ole aunt I guess. It is nothing special, or snoopy. Anyone can block another person so they can not see what the other is doing.
this is not the case here. Actually, there is a girl at the school who has been judged to be a danger to herself and others. If you met her, you'd see this wasn't rocket science. There are suicidal kids too.




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