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I bought new shoes today.

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I heard they aren't even going to make size 8 anymore. [glad that isn't my size]
Fuscia flower accents. I must have 2 pairs of those now. Where can I find them?
Frenchie Fuqua of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70's used to have boots with glass heals and goldfish inside.

Starter brand tennis shoes. Nothing but the best. accessories not included.
Unless you're 2 or 62. Begin with velcro and end with velcro.
My wife picked out the bag out of a box of dozens. We were in a hurry to post a pic. lol. I got home late and wanted to get to bed so I could get up for work at 4am. We had fun running around trying to set up that pic and laughing at all of your comments. The pic was rushed, we could have done better. lol
Exactly Isabella, I understand fashion, it's the rest of you who are way off center. :-)
I bet that velcro stuff will reek havoc on your pantyhose , be careful
......love the bracelet anything sparkly
is fabulous in my world .... :-)
I like shiny things. :-)
I like giving the appearance of having a set Anthony. lol
Velcro you ask? I'll explain. 2 years ago, the very day I brought my motorcycle home from the dealer, I stopped at a stop sign and the loop in my shoe lace caught on the shifter. It scared the hell out of me. The loop pulled free so I was able to get my foot down, it would have been pretty embarrassing to fall over at a dead stop (kind of like the old "Laugh-in" show). I wear my pull-on boots whenever I take long rides, but I wear my tennies around town. Besides, velcro is very stylish, you women just don't have taste. lol




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