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I bought new shoes today.

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lol, nothing to get excited about. Solid white tennis shoes with velcro instead of laces. lmao
It's so much easier at my age.
Wendy, I tried the intervention thing and it didn't work. What to do now? What to do now?
Public? There's a public out there?
LOL, I'm new at this.
Now Aggie, I like the stitching, it lends so much to the shape of the boot. I do think an assortment of laces in a variety of colors to coordinate his shirt color would be a wise choice.
Wait 'till you see my laces.
Just got home from work. I'll have a pic soon.
That's hot DD
My skirt is in the wash. I only have one, so no pic. Sorry.
Nice boots Brine. I'll have a pic up soon.
Somebody get the smelling salts.
I got new shoes, KEEN sandles.




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