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The other day, after I pointed out my husbands...dwindling IQ, he asked me if it bothers me that I am insane.(Maybe he's smarter than he looks, I thought.) No, I answered. But then again, I avoid situations where insanity is not socially acceptable. After all, I'm an artist; I'm supposed to be insane. At least I'm relatively harmless, if not exactly 'employable'.

So folks: Do your idiosyncrocies bother you, or do you nurture them? Do you find them limitting, or are you a lemons into lemonaide sort of guy? Where do you draw your limits?

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People who make me stressed out to point of insanity bother ever so much more then any creative endeavor. My creativity is my salvation. Take a good look around you. What the heck is normal?
Taking a close look around me, I thank god that I dont have the first idea!
Insanity? Idiosyncrities? Nope, not me.

Everyone around me seems to have them though! ;-)
I prefer to think of it more as a deep appreciation. ;-)
LOL! Orange Cat Fetish! Read up!
My insanity has a special place in my heart ,sitting right next to my inner child.....I embrace them both,or I wouldn't be here to tell the tale.
I once heard a story about Thelonious Monk. How he went around Burlington trying to test drive a new car and no one would take him out in one until he got to the Dodge dealership. Afterwhich he purchased the new car with a shoebox filled with cash.

I once heard a story about Picasso. How he was visited by an art dealer. Picasso took out some chalk and drew all over the art dealer's car. Now the car was worth a fortune. Then Picasso said let's go for a drive along the shore. The dealer couldn't say no and off they went with the wind erasing the chalk on the art dealer's car.
OH S%#$,POINT? WSGA being Normal?
Dont kid yourself. Your probably sicker than all of us combined.
I'm thinking, it's a good question.
I kind of dig it. Question is, does my insanity bother you?




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