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I know why these two clowns get away with their nonsense. They work for the CIA. Well, Dobbs could work for MI6, he could be on loan or something. But really. Think about it. No one questions their blatant racism. Why is that?

I don't think that kind of nonsense has any place in the media. REALLY.

Just my opinion. I guess it stinks, huh.


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They're both nuts.
are you telling me ZD, it's hopeless? We have no recourse? No on-line petitions? No forum? No nothing that works?
Tell me it ain't so. When the crazies outnumber the sane, who will lead the blind?
Usually when an, umm, covert shop gets outed, it closes. In the case of Fox, they may just do some very extensive redecorating, we'll have to wait and see.

I do believe it is the only explanation that fits all the facts. The petition I posted doesn't list the companies who advertise with Fox - I assume there is some reason they were attempting to be gentle in advocating for change.

I read somewhere Reagan signed something back in '80 or so changing the network rules. It had to be a program. This is what it's evolved into, and it isn't very useful anymore.

They've sabotaged themselves, with their own behavior. But because of the connection it doesn't bend to reason -

it is. It's a shop.

They are actively undermining the Commander-in-Chief during a time of war. The bureaucracy itself cannot be tied to this kind of activity - and that is what makes it all so bizarre because it is.
fun with images!
that didn't work. Guess they have to already be posted to the site, huh . . .
Help us, Zen Dog, you are our only hope. (Well, maybe not our only hope, but you know what I mean
you think it's cover? Or are they polling republicans, looking for vulnerabilities . . .
[responding to westerly]

o no, SAY it ain't SO!

couldn't agree more...will also be glad when the "green" fringe faces the same fate
there. that's fun with imagery. First they snarl. Then they blow shit up. I just sit here, as always. Impassive.

or not . . .




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