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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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I did not suggest doing this, re-read, It was a questions I posed.

My conclusion was:

"So, I suppose bullies, scammers and players are just apart of the TBD package."

Not that you are any of the above, rather because innocent people could be hurt the bad apples can't be weeded out easily.
I have read each and every page of this discussion. At first I was not going to reply. Have given some consideration to the matter and thought that I could not not reply.
It has been my experience, and that is all that I have to speak from, that when someone says insulting things to another it is to make them feel better about themselves, makes them feel that they can fit in" with whomever they are wanting to "fit in" with.
I reflect to a time in my childhood, when I was teased and picked on because I was "fat" It was awful and made me feel very bad...and it seemed that everyone went along with the "in crowd" I have been just as quilty of having a sharp tounge and in the long run it does not make me feel good about myself. I love the saying "When you point a finger at someone you have three pointing back at you"
I have seen a friend of mine slandered on the old TBD. It was not pretty and I for one never doubted she was who she said that she was, a kind gentle soul, sharing her incredible wisdom with others.
I joined a group on here...noticed how petty it was and had the choice to no longer be in that group.
I come here to support others not to cut them down...I believe we all need to be kind to one another and show no malice. That is just my opinion and as you see many people here have many different opinions. When someone says something hurtful to me, I try to say bless you and get on with my life. I have learned along the way in my earth walk that it does me no good to take anything personally and I just have to consider the source. HOpe all of you have a wonderful rest of the day filled with love and laughter




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