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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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Please Grace, name names?
yes, who are they? expose them, so they will be gone once and for all.
Hi Grace, No worries about those haters, I love you and so does Jesus Christ, do NOT let the haters ever discourage you, there is good and evil in the world, more evil then good because most people lack Gods wisdom. If you haven't yet I erge you to receive Gods free gift of SALVATION in doing so with a repentful heart, all your sins will be forgiven past present and future, your name will be entered into THE BOOK OF LIFE, you will walk in Gods blessing now and forever. Receiving Gods Salvation is the one most important thing man can do in this world while there is still time, as John 3:3 say, " Unless a man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." In Romans 8:28 it is written," God works for the good in all who love HIM." What does that mean? When you receive Salvation God will deal with the haters for you, even though you might not see it right away vengeance belongs to God, on HIS time he will deal with the evil and wicked people who try to bring harm to HIS children if they do not repent and change their sinful ways. Below is the link to the Salvation prayer, only say this prayer if you have a sincere heart to trust and follow the Lord Jesus Christ forever.


A website to help you understand more about Gods Salvation Click here


LOL Your friend
James Martinez :O)
Yes actually I do, not a nice way to enjoy a day, but meaningless to the others who read, unless they are haters also! I am sorry about that Grace. Seems a huge waste of energy, however I think for those who participate they find it fun. It's that whole low self esteem thing again...I think.

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men....The Shadow knows...Muuhahahahahaha"
Probably just about as much as those who find it fun to do as Grace has stated and those who help them out just for fun, I would think...Grown adults doing all they can to show and to spread, to support those who wish to cause or start a problem for others, I would think!

Spreading cheer, I would think involves some sort of truth, kindness, acceptance, care and genuine friendship. But then that is just what I think!

Only some are "big enough people" to step up and stop those who do it, so go ahead Grace, I am sure that none of these folks would have you censored...Of course it does depend on who they are doing it to, also!
I agree with Tina...if you see someone being bullied ...the right thing to do is speak up on the victim's behalf. Because silence is a form of condoning the behavior. And if no one else is telling the truth... be the first to speak up and do what is right. No one should be victimized for any reason. Because sometimes all it takes is just one person to speak up on the person's behalf. The Bible says to defend those who are unable to defend themselves and also if it is in your power to do something then it is your duty as a christian to do it or at least speak up and do the right thing.
I am waiting for somebody to speak up. Or at least explain themselves. PM's are working fine...please do educate me .
Many of us are Jack, and a few of us have been sitting on it for months, just going about our business until something else is started, This is , I think why Grace began this thread, because they follow her and do it, or they start it before it's even an issue of any kind. So I for one am waiting also. Nicely, calmly but yes I am waiting.
Because it is sometimes tolerated catnip does not make it correct or acceptable social behavior. However yes, the community must rule itself. Social experiment I think in some ways! I know you are hurt and even reluctant to speak out or to post, but you needn't be. There are so many good people here. Some people truly are not aware of the seriousness of this issue. Others truly do not care, I am guessing because it has not been done to them to the degree we are discussing and some well some are the ones involved so they will of course come from a different angel. But there are great people here, and for all I know all those here are wonderful people. What I do know is that where there is a spirit and intent to make a better world or place it will get better. Don't give up. I wasn't even a part of what went on with me, I wasn't even there to speak up or to post, But as soon as I could work the key board I came right back, without any hesitation. I know who I am and I also knew that what had taken place was purely falsehoods, or misunderstandings, or whatever I can't know unless the people who did it share why or what happened. But please don't give up, there are people here who are as genuine as your own family. Hang in. Where there is faith there is hope.
Because some of these people are encouraged and allowed to attack, lie and do what is described above on a public forum. So as you state it is a two way street. The only way bullies are stopped is by peer pressure. If they happen to have the clique with them on that forum than they are not interested in a private discussion.

This is old on TBD, not new, it just depends on where you are posting and whose clique you hang with. Some are nicer than others, some couldn't be bothered to be nasty and some are just full of condemnation, lies, language and hate. The difference is only some people will speak up about it. Some hide and then the bullies just start all over again.

So I agree with you trr it is a two way street. It shouldn't ever have to be dealt with on an adult sight but this has proven to not be so...old story...




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