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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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I agree with some of what you are saying and respect your opinions.
But there is more to this subject than difference of opinion...
I personally witnessed someone being attacked personally...their private life and integrity...at a time when they werent there to defend themselves...and the 'dirty laundry' that was being aired was not only decades old but totally irrelevant to the issue being discussed...and that was on the old TBD...and when the person who was victimized came back on this new TBD (after an illness that had left her bedridden) they continued to taunt her with barely disquised contempt...disquised only enough to allow them the opportunity of denial if questioned about it...and after they had launched such a personal character assassination...an extremely personal one at that...they then tried to say they had been misunderstood...yea right...I know maliciousness when I see it...
And this has nothing to do with you KTULU7 ...and you might not even be aware of the issue that I am speaking of...but the people who were involved in that attack know exactly what I am talking about....
My point to you KTULU7 is that although you are right in what you are saying in your above statement...there is more to this disscussion than meets the eye...
I'm not one to go around following or tracking who's following & counting thread comments either, but if I'm directed to a site & see & see that ppl actually r proud to claim they do this, omg. On a hopefully final note, telling someone to "just grow up"... Should be taken as just that....cut the bs & grow up. I certainlywouldnt feel as tho I were being envied, at all. That sounds more like an insincere people pleasing statement to keep the drama alive to participate, in stead of being a responsible & mature loving adult who can extend an apology.
BRAVO Cristin...I agree with you 100%...you are the first person on here that has hit the nail on the head....
The bullies need to be held responsible for their actions and words...instead of talking all around the true point...people need to go to the source of the contention and make the wrong-doers be held accountable for their actions...that and only that will put an end to the contention...
Thank you Cristin for your comment...you are 100% right...BRAVO again!!!
Ignoring bullies is not the right thing to do...because if they are allowed to continue behind a persons back...or even in the face of the victim...ignoring it only makes it grow...grow to the point where it takes on a life of its own. Bullies arent looking for truth...they only want an 'excuse' and 'approval' for their own bad behavior. The more they are ignored the more bolder their attacks become...and they always attack in a way that doesnt allow the victim to defend themselves...and that in essence is the same as someone holding someone down while another person beats them up...
Read the above statement by KTULU7...she is 100% right in her analogy. There comes a time when bullies have to be held accountable...that is the only thing that stops the attacks. It is along the same principal as domestic violence...ignoring that can be fatal...the person who is victimized needs to get away from the person and the abuser needs to be held accountable for the damage they have done to the other person's life.
Well, I can't wade through 107 replies...suffice to say I've enjoyed Grace Linda's blogs and posts.

I'm applauding too but only using one hand because I really need more coffee this morning.
If that is the impression you got I am sorry. I merely wanted to know if anyone else had this experience on here. I am flattered that so many people have rushed to me side and offered me support, however, I know that if I wanted I could lay these people flat. I could easily do exactly what they have done to me without too much thought. I do not feel like a victim. If I was really disturbed take assertive action. At the present it is like having a fly in your house.

I have not taken part in trying to as you say create "a self perpetuated pedestal." I am actually humbled by the compliments. I only ever try to speak from my heart. A part of me is feeling somewhat remorseful that I opened this can of worms if it has caused further strive.
Apparently Grace Linda, Several people have and have posted here. What you did was to open up a forum for this discussion, which is not openly accepted by all people. But then what is on a social net work. Many have stated that you are more than capable of standing up for yourself and I have no reason to doubt that. However I think some posters are just as disturbed about it as you were when you opened the discussion.

No person likes being followed around for the mere pleasure of others trying to make them look a fool or discredit them. Those who will not or refuse to address it or see it have not had it done to them. They say don't whine and then they go whine about themselves somewhere else. It is no different discussing this here than it is for those who are bullies to be doing the bulling on an open thread. I don't know about what happened to you, but I do know that I have been attacked, lie about and slandered on the front page, I had not mentioned it or brought it up, because I thought perhaps those people had found a new toy by now. However I was incorrect, they came over here and tried starting "round about Q&A's and threads even now. They know who they are and ONLY they know why they continue to do it.

I have expressed nothing to them about their lies, their open slander of my name and my family none of whom were there to defend themselves. Not one question was ever asked except those who were wise enough and "friend" enough to check the facts. See those who do this do not want the truth, if they did they would have waited and asked me. Or as so many did ask my family. Or how about the two TBD members that came to visit me in person. Yes there is some hurt there, for I did absolutely not one thing to the two people that claimed to be my online "friends". I will never know why and I do not need to know why. However I do know that division is not what I see in you thread, I know division is not any part of my participation in this thread.

It is an issue, and it only causes separation when people will not discuss it. When TRR said that she felt I was personally attacking her yesterday I immediately apologized to her, now that is all I can do. I did not mean to personalize anything to her, or at her, I do not know her. I simply wanted you to have your side heard also. So I posed a question. I saw how she could feel that I was attacking so I right here in this forum apologized. Now that is where things show who people are. When someone has the heart to apologize on post, I think then it becomes the others person who accepts or not. But when people openly attack you by name...and attack who you are, and the very fact that you even exist and they never even have any proof or anything to back it up but a hunch or jealousy of their lack of attention or whatever. When people openly say you should be dead. Well you see I take that personal. So yes to those who are making it seem like there is absolutely nothing wrong with online bulling or online attacks, yes there is. It is not the end of the world and yes there are millions of issues and problems and things going on in the world. But why not some true unity if unity is all you want.

When you see and you know that someone is being bullied stand up and say so, make it not ok to do that. It has nothing to with feeling sorry for ones self or being "self absorbed" as Mr. Kremis posted, for some of us it has to do with being openly wronged and good people not taking a stand for whats right.
So yes Grace it has happened to more than just you and No Grace I do not feel that it is ok, correct or should be accepted by good people in a community. I love my friends on line, and much good has come from the things I have learned from my own situation. However it is still going on and it's going on today. So I do not think people should come in here ready to make light of something they have not experienced, or rip someones head off because they just want it all to go away. To those to whom it has been and/or is being done, I would like it to go away as well.

And no "person" it is not about you wanting to have people know truth, for there was not one, not one word of truth in the slandering posts you alone posted about me. Why not just come clean admit that you are sadly mistaken, I love you and you can't change that. But you could make your mistakes right by having the gut you had to post such things when I couldn't even speak for myself. Sad, and yes I do care. People matter to me. Peace, yes I would love it...let's do have some peace..
The sad truth is Michael I do love them, even when I am picked at for being who I am. For being loving or as kind as I know to be. I really do and I took some of these people at their word. I have no other desire but to walk with, to have peace. So thank you for the encouragement. I do love them no matter what they do. I can't always walk with them, and some don't want that anyway. But I can still be, I will not apologize for not dying three months ago. That would be to slap my creator in the face. But let's at least be fair here. Grace brought up a sore subject because it should have been dealt with and wasn't and now it is to some degree because the community is running itself with more people looking out for the over all well being of the entire community. It's not an argument to me, I would like to know why. I am functioning without an answer, but I think I am due one. I wasn't here when it happened to me in a huge way the first time. I am here now though and a few are still trying every little chance they get. I still post as often as I can, almost daily now for weeks. That isn't the issue. It's why does this have to take place at all in a civilized society?
Tina: Well said, girl.




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