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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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Thank you Jo, I don't wish to offend or to argue, but I am a human being just like the rest, I would like to understand this and to be honest I would like for it to stop for everyone.
Dear God on heaven....I am really ebarrassed for these folks who attack ppl, esp when they r down, I can't even mention DYING!., I Pray 2 GOD & Anything & Everything if Goodness that these ppl are ANYTHING BUT PArents teaching their children this way of behaving, or treating their spouses & so claimed friends in a manner such A's this or god forbid a church goer, FREE 'Thinker' (???) or Community Leader, or daughter son or sibiling of someone who deserves to be around or entrusted to an adult slandering bully with nothing to contribute but false accusation with no remorse whatsoever!! The type of ppl I have ever known of that sound like that are criminals with NO conscience. Really, I mean Gov Arnold just released 30,0000 of em,...what, did they wander their way over here for kicks?? We should all think, much less believe, that that's just OKie Dokie, right? What a Violation! That is SICK if I am hearing right. This must stop Picture talking to to her face to face in front of the person you desire respect & love from standing next to you. Yes, there is a snowball effect to this type of behaviour & condoning it. I swear, I don't ever want to hear one more word about the sad sorry state of the world or our children or our nation uttered from another slanderous person: UNTIL IMMEDIATE AMENDS ARE MADE AT THE VEY LEAST! This is UNEXCEPTIBLE! Would you talk to or treat ur dying mother, father, husband, child friend this way? I PRAY I really do That by the time I am done writing this MESSAGE that this will finally be RESOLVED. You know, I tell my daughter of the beautiful ppl here, the truly good ppl I have had the honor & privelage to meet & even befriend a few really good ones. I, at this point am... Too embarrased to even - I am stunned, this is foul. I realize ppl are having a really difficult cpl of years here but we are grown ups in a social setting that should in no way be of harmful intent & such distain. Tina I am so sorry what has been done to you, my god. I hope & pray for those who are this vicious. In legal terms it's called liable...& slander is subject Still to law Penalties in addition moral ones! Thank you DHBE & Mikie, U R da MAN! I still keep hearin Rodney King sayin "Cant we all just get along", not to mention Martin Luther, JFK +++ IF YA AINT GOT NOTHIN NICE TO SAY-TRY NOT SAYIN ANYTHING AT ALL! Aren't we suppose to be playing by the rules here? Everyone signed into Community Guidlines?
God Bless ya Catnip!!! Honestly... Some ppl, "FREE SPEACH".... my point exactly! Do you Vote with this kinda mouth too slander's & joker's of the deathly ill? Kiss ur wife or mama or kiddies with the same heart? & I'll be sure to reread the guidelines, bec I'm pretty certain Robin wouldn't open up this group to Liable...wouldn't be worth it to me to do so... And just a lil throw in FYI... I see my distant relatives writings thrown conveinently about to serve, at times, self-absorbed quotations... Keep in mind that online, you never know who's dining with who the author is... And no, I do not feel superior to anyone! Physcian heal thyself...
In many ways it was my fault Catnip, I shared myself and my life with many here. I had nothing to hide and I am a trusting person. Had I never shared with some and then openly no one would have even known. So to my own fault that they had it to use.

Also to my own fault was that I believed that those with whom I had believed I had been online friends with would want to know if I were dead or alive. They seemed genuine to me. So Again my fault because I made my sisters two of them promise that if and/or when I could not get on line they would let people know how I was doing. One sister did, that I know of. She went directly to the person I had told her to and that person was very nice at first and loving and helpful, as it has been explained to me it was when my sister went to this "friend" of mine and asked if she should tell everyone who she was that the "friend" became ugly and upset. That "friend" is actually the one who told my sister to go ahead and do it, tell everyone who she was and just give first hand information. It wasn't but days after that that my sister was challenged by another member and accused of not being my sister. I haven't a clue who she was supposed to be but apparently not my sister.
She left but told people she was leaving and when she did she was attacked on the Q&A told she was a liar and that if she were in the right she wouldn't be leaving. Well she left. Not everyone is accustomed to brawls online or otherwise. My familt is not like that, we don't act like that, sorry for those who think that is just too unreal or too, "lovey dovey". But we have known our share of pain we just support each other not attack.

So this too was my fault, the endless care giver, I was trying to be a good friend even when I couldn't do it myself.

Anyway then came the slanderous attacks on front page discussions, I have each one printed, dated and just as they were posted. A lifelong friend of mine Ray did all of this, because he was irate with what was going on and that no one was stopping it. So he printed everything so that if I did come around I would not go back online or to TBD. I was shocked, My first friend, very first friend on TBD was there posting that I was not sick and a friend said I would be dead if I had those illness', that I am not part Sioux because I never talked about the reservation they lived near. That I do not quilt, because I did not use the correct termanology for quilting. That my sister was not my sister because she knew too much about me? That because I was not having a funeral I wasn't truly sick. All sorts of malicious gossip and thoughts nothing based on fact or whatever.

So I blame myself for this also, because I never had to share myself out loud, but I did. I trust everyone. I liked everyone. I debated and posted, I sent good morning messages and yes I had a little group too. TBD was a gift to me and I don't know how many times I emailed to thank Kat. TBD was my connection, is my connection to the world. I have been visited by two TBD members in person, I have spoken with several on the phone, TBD members called family members (three different family members) and grilled them to pieces over the phone. I mean I had no clue all of this was going on at the time. How hurtful to wake up to. How absurd and never would I have imagined such a thing.

Of course I came back as soon as I was able. Why would I not. I have genuine friends here. I love this community. Why would I not come back here. I never wanted to leave, I am sick, I was sick and I am not going to say I am sorry that I did not die to appease some sick cynical thinking process of someone else.

I am Tina, I am all and everything I ever claimed to be and I am very sorry for those who choose to hate me for that. I do not hate you and I am not going anywhere until I have to or choose to. All I am asking is that I be allowed freely to not have to watch for someone to start up yet another nasty discussion when they are intending to further bash me. I can do no more to "prove" who I am..Nor more than you can "prove" you are not starting those discussions about me. I know who I am, you know who you are. I do not bother you, with the exception I just learned today that Larry and Diana do not want good morning messages from me, I apologize, it is my nature to be kind, make kind gestures. I won't do it to you either of you again. You want it to end truly, do you? Stop the gossip, many of the pm's sent have come right to me people. No one on here is who you think they are. Stop the gossip and just hate me quietly please. I love this community and I will not be bullied away...

The two I thought were my trusted friends, I know you better now, Leave it and me alone. If you hate me for your reasons please just leave it alone. I am not doing a thing to you and have no desire to. To the few others who wish to hate me because I like peace, or to leave pleasant nice thoughts around, I am at a loss for words on that. I am going to post, just leave it and I will skip over you also. Life is good , I am thankful for every day I have. Please do you truly want it to end, or do you just wish to bully me..Now Jo and JaW, who post long posts? LoL
To those who say this is drama, Yes it was very dramatic when I read those papers of all those threads and Q&A's and posts, that went on for weeks. It was dramatic. Yet all I could think about was I wanted to come back.
I am simply thankful to be alive folks and thankful for those who are friends. I am a loving person and I do enjoy kindness and I do not feel badly about that.

You do not have to love, like or even think of me. I would ask that you focus then on your friends here and I will do the same and life will be pleasant for all of us. Thanks
Nope it's about several people, if you read the discussion, I am more verbal than some. Sorry you feel as you do.
Not a bad thing at all...but hopefully not a hestitant reaction one would take should a family member who was just thrown under a bus take. Agreed?
No worries, mate.
I don't know if I have any shadow haters...There are a few folks that came over during The Great TDB Migration that were pretty upfront and obvious about their hatred and contempt for me, my opinions and anybody that dared to agree with me.

So far, though, since we washed up on these shores they've pretty much left me alone....The layout of this joint makes it harder to keep track of who's doing what with whom...Sometimes I'm tempted to hunt them down and give 'em a hard time, but I really do have more urgent things that need attending to.

Perhaps that factor is missing in the lives of the nimrods that are pestering you. Personal Insignificance can take many bizarre and pathetic forms, y'know...
I hate you.

I'm confused Grace Linda. If these people are in the shadows, how do you know about them, much less know that they hate you? Just askin'. I am obviously not getting something here. UH-OHHHH. I just re-read your sentence after the header again and nowwww I understand. They actually post something disparaging to your post. OK, I'd just ignore them and go on about your business unless you want to keep up the argument, then confront them. Seems simple.
I believe the adage is;
Opinions are like assholes , everybody has one and most of them stink.




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