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I have noticed a couple of women on here that like to follow me around and nah say or insult me. I wonder what their problem is? Get a life.

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I switched the name also, Sorry Grace...
no problem.
JO Lewis:Krisit, I can see where trr might take offense to your comment, I myself could've taken offense, but I chose not to. I think it was a knee-jerk reaction to a sensitive and painful subject. You may have meant it as a flip comment or insult, but until you tell me otherwise, I choose to believe it was not. That's my choice.

Hi Jo, I am only sorry that anyone should take offense to my comment. I was being honest on how I read the thread. I really truly thought she was the shadow and I will state this again. Until I read further down on her discussion did I truly know she was not the Shadow. But of course that part of the sentence was not read. I have mostly been neutral on all my discussion. I did want to PM you so this discussion could end. I would hate for anyone to think I was being mean to TRR. The only two people on this thread that I am familiar with is Grace and Tina.

I was saying in a good way...Happy Sunday....: ) so let me say it again without any evil thoughts...Happy Sunday..(warm hug) (happy smiles..) plenty of laughter..

I have liked TRR posts just as well as I liked Grace. I am not familiar with TRR but one of my friends seems to really like her and I read her discussions and she seemed nice enough to me. I have formed no opinion on TRR except what I thought I read and realized after reading further that I was not correct.
Thanks for the clarification, Krisit. I appreciate it but it wasn't needed. As I stated in my comment, I did not think you meant it to be unkind or as an attack. And it looked like you and trr worked it out just fine yesterday.
Thanks for the warm fuzzies...I like that best! :-)
Peace, Jo
And this is why I love Jo so much! =D
Right back at you JaW!
Grace Linda,
I'm sorry to hear you are being bothered. There will always be lamers wherever you go. You just have to build a certainb tolerance level. Why cater to little monsters? They just get bigger when you feed them. I haven't had your experience and truly I'd feel sorry for anyone who pushes my button. If they want their computer fried, be my guest. I do have a dark side that seldom shows. Sometimes "a taste of your own medicine" philosophy works.

Hey, I'm in a bitch of a mood today and need to let off steam. Give me their users' names and I'll superimpose their avatar photos on some bimbo bunnies paint the town red postcard for you to mass mail. hahahahhahaha
I'm just j/king or am I? (evil grin)
Yes the political threads get a little heated.
Try being a conservative thinker. All hell will break loose.
Maricel and darroll - you guys are phunny! I enjoyed both of your responses. Great senses of humor - an even better defense against haters!
Wise advice.
Man, I had no idea that this question would cause so much havoc. Thanks all, but it was a question to all. I do ignore it for the most part and oddly enough for those of you that know me, these people aren't from any of the groups, where yes I do mouth off and sometimes with a foul mouth. Sorry some people are so delicate that they can't stand a hell, damn, shit or fuck once in a while.BUT I guess WTF is okay. That they get upset when they join groups they oppose to cause disruptions and I bite them. I could understand one of those people following me around, LMAO.

My point was, that I don't spend time seeking out those I disagree with and or; in the case of one of them, rub their nose in their relationship status every chance I get. It makes me think it is purely personal and have nothing to do with my views. It is weird a smacks of high school chicks. So. it is just curious that a grown women would take petty digs at me.
Sorry some people are so delicate that they can't stand a hell, damn, shit or fuck once in a while.

Hey, all of those plus one more earned me an epidural with my last kid! Sorry, my mind wanders off onto tangents at times... ;-) lol




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