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I wonder where she is and if she got what she wanted

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Here!! Here!!! I guess she told us!! lol
Can we assume from the video that women who wear hats are easy?
I'm thinkin', what with that haughty voice and all, that she might be high maintenance.
You might be right, Gary!! :)
I disagree Gary, a woman who knows what she wants is low maintenance (no guess work) (no trial and error, lol). I'm sure she got what she wanted z. She'll just go out and take it and let the guy know if he did well. If he didn't do well, then she'll instruct him.
Larry I am sure you are right.
I don't do well with that type of woman, Lar.

I don't do well with a lotta other types of women either, come to think of it.
In the immortal words of Randy Newman, she could leave her hat on.
I like her.....I want to party with her.
I kind of want to be her.
What did who say and what did they want?
Jackie, I missed it too the first time I saw this. Look closely above, there is an attachment to click on.




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