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Fess Parker died today at the age of 85. Did you have a coonskin hat in the 50's? Mine I think was rabbit fur.



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Mine too, Pru.
Me three.
Wuz he kilt bi a bar?
Awwwww... my little sister had the whole outfit when she was 5. She was so cute, she didn't want to take it off, and slept in the full kit on Christmas night. We had a pic of her in it, alseep. Gotta call her this weekend.
You know, everyone thinks of him as Davy Crockett. I do, too.

But, if you check imdb.com, you'll see he did only about a dozen Davy Crocketts, while he did over 150 as Daniel Boone (7 seasons). Why is it that everybody remembers him as Crockett?
I wonder if it was because of the song? Dan'l had the same outfit, I think, so he just came along in Davy's wake.

I just Googled, and the costumes are labeled as interchangeable.
Maybe it's just because I'm so old... I remember the first one best.
Me too Chez. I remember watching the first Davy Crockett, I guess they would call in a mini series today, on the old black and white tv where the vertical hold would not stay. I think they fixed that problem long ago. I had a hat made of rabbit fur and a plastic rifle which broke the first time I put a cap in it.
Daniel Boone had a song too.
Most people remember him as Crocket because of the movie "The Alamo".....
First "Fury's" dad and now Davey/Daniel....I'm getting old....;-(




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