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Ok, so my judgement isn't the best, and maybe I have a screw loose. Or two. Son and I are getting ready to head into New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona in our Miata. It's hot as hell. Any advice? Thank you. Thank you all...

Run, boo boo, Run.

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Hat,Sunscreen and lots of water. Leave the top up in the major heat of the day. Have a couple of extra gallons of water in the trunk in case the car overheats. Oh, and drop by Utah, it's only topping out at about 93 for the next couple of days. The mountains are a short drive up the canyon and it's considerably cooler up there.
Thanks Luv! There's no room in the trunk though...both son and I have to sit on it to close it.
"...maybe I have a screw loose. Or two."

You are going to need this:

And the designated non-driver needs this:

Good luck. Don't bring cheese.

Lol chez moi! I have that, and son is the driver. I'll chuck the cheese before we go!
You're in New Mexico already?!!
Didn't you just leave, like, yesterday?
Holy Macaroni!
Hi Quinn! No, today we are leaving for Kansas. We both caught a cold and desperately needed to give our rear ends a rest, so we spent an extra night here in Oz. Even had a run in with the wicked witch of the west.... we are leaving for Colorado as soon as The percocet kicks in.
Clean the bugs out of your radiator with a toothbrush.
(Use someone else’s)
Carry a jug of anti-freeze.
Antifreeze...I suppose in desperate measures we can drnk it...the modern hemlock?
It's a dry heat...won't hurt at all and the scenery will take your mind off the heat.
Hi Bob!....Even in a Miata? (!bad mistake, we feel like were crossing the country on a mule. Just bought some pillows for our butts at Walmart).

Lots of Pru's prune kolaches!
Got me a whole ton of them prunes! mothersanity would not dream of crossing the dessert without a little trailer of prunes to follow.




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