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Ok, so my judgement isn't the best, and maybe I have a screw loose. Or two. Son and I are getting ready to head into New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona in our Miata. It's hot as hell. Any advice? Thank you. Thank you all...

Run, boo boo, Run.

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Drink lots of water!
Hi Dougie! And pee before you go. Ain't no bushes.
My little piggies is fried! Started out driving barefoot, as always, and got a huge blister. I guess because the car is so low to the ground? Maybe I'll pick up some boots this am....
Rattle snakes, Coral snakes and Gela Monsters are poisonous, but many parts are edible ..........
Another good reason, Jack, too pee before you go!
We just came through the Red Desert. Truthfully, it was the wind that was horrible!




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