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Run across anything cool recently? Doesn't matter what it is, just post a link so we can all see what caught your attention.

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I sent this one to my daughter after using it. Very scarey to see the preditors that live near my grandchild's future school.

I like this one. It's my daughter in laws blog. She is big on organic gardening, canning, cooking, etc. They grow most of what they eat. He hunts on occasion, and they eat that too. They just bought a empty lot next to their home, so they camn grow more. They tap maple trees and make syrup, He lost his bee hives last winter, but I think he is planning on raising more in the future. Most of the stuff they buy, they buy locally from farms in the area. They buy raw milk, and even make their own butter. If Suzy has you over for spaghetti, you get to watch her make the pasta. The last time we were over, she made tiramisu for desert, from scratch. (including the lady fingers inside) I don't know where these guys find time to do all this stuff!!



Oh, and here's a pic of the tear drop trailer he just built from scratch. It's sitting on an original 1948 frame. 


I enjoyed her blog very much and found another cool website through her's. It's a book swapping site. I've got my third copy of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories coming. The first two copies were scoffed up by my kids. Hang on.........





Tee, your kids are awesome!!

Hi Merry, Yep, they are pretty cool. My son turned 35 in Feb. His goal was to be debt free by then. He actually met his goal 2 months early. The house is paid, both cars are paid, and they don't owe a dime on credit cards. Their goal is to be self sufficient, and they pretty much are. They work from home as wedding videographers, and I have to say they are awesome at what they do. You can check out some of their work here.





Merry, I did the book swap thing for a while, and it is great if there is a certain book you are after.  But I also agree with Kooner, found it is MUCH cheaoer to buy at garage sales, or get them on loan from the library. Again, if there is something specific you want, the shipping is well worth it. 
PS. My son and his wife are doing great. My daughter and her husband are losing their house, and will most likely be moving back in with us for a couple months until they can find an apartment. The upside, I'll have my grandson underfoot every day. The down side, they are gonna move out and I'm gonna miss him underfoot everyday.
I lost a house back in the nineties , I'm sorry to hear that your kids are going through that. There really is a good reason to occupy Wall Street.............As for the books, I guess I'm playing around with it and trying to see if I can get something that is library worthy for cheaper than what the librarian is buying his books now. I have a question for both of you guys, with the impending developments in technology, what do envision as the future of said libraries in general???  BTW, my experience with using the media rate is that it's very reasonable. So far less expensive than a used book store but we'll see.
Mary, If your helping out the library, that may be a good way to go.
Ditto on the "Tee, your kids are awesome!!" !!!
Wow, Teebs, that is so cool!!




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