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Run across anything cool recently? Doesn't matter what it is, just post a link so we can all see what caught your attention.

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that was in response to Quinn's bagged cat site.



This is a company that makes cool little campers. Teeb's son just built one himself!



The inside is the bed & the back lifts up

to reveal a kitchen w/a cool little 2-burner stove!

Pretty neat deez!!

I know I started this off with driftwood, but I was recently in a small shop in Clearwater. Not even sure what made me stop in, but the owner does some really nice pieces using driftwood.




Too bad the site only shows about6 of his pieces, because what is in the store pretty much blows this stuff away, but it's the best I could find.

Amazing stuff! My grandmother LOVED driftwood. She would've flipped over that driftwood art. I have a lamp that she or my grandfather fashioned out of driftwood. It's pretty funky. It's best, I think, sitting on the floor, as mood lighting.
Very extra nice. Really beautiful.

˙unɟ pı ǝuı sıʇ



I use the site https://www.duckduckgo.com rather than www.google.com as a search engine.

It will not tailor search results based on your previous searches and history...essentially not filtering what you receive.

Also your searches are encrypted and not tracked or saved.

Intrestiing funes, I'll have to check it out.
My Dad used to get this in magazine form when I was a kid. SIGH///////////we always had tons of media to flip throughttp://www.graphis.com/latest/winners/annuals/reports/?book=70&...h.

Pretty cool stuff Merry. I cruised around and found this. One of the 100 best in photography for 2011.


I'd like to get a subscription one of these days. That is soo amazing.




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